Jess is home! and thoughts on the process of geting her therapy

Hi everyone,
So finally things are settling back down!
Jess is home! I was so anxious she’d not get discharged friday even though she was pretty sure all week she would. And then I’d have to get through another really lonely weekend. But she came home! At like three. It was so good to just sit and hug forever.
Of course she has to be in the stupid observation room. Her caseworker actually had no idea but it makes sense as that’s what they do for her every time she’s in crisis or c omes home from the hospital. I’ll be so curious when they ever build that crisis unit thing as part of the official SMHRF, if they ever do, just to see what it’s like! And hopefully it’s better than the stupid observation room. Which you all know about as I’ve written many times about it.
I cried a little when I heard that she couldn’t be in here right away but then again I knew it was coming. I just needed to cry all week so yeah. But then we ordered out pizza and that was awesome!
She technically doesn’t have to like sit in the room all day so comes down here for blocks of time and then goes back up for meds and things.
I’ll be very curious how she does with her meds. Everyone is so different with them. I do really like effexor as it works so well for me. For me, and others, it’s extremely time sensitive and the brain zaps are a problem. They’d happen with the zoloft as well. But some people never get them. So I’m hoping that will work for her.
She’s also on two meds (it was one, but she got another one last night) for her weight and posible diabetes She had it back in 2009 and tested borderline so geting her blood sugar checked though it’s really annoying probably isn’t the worst thing.
I was also happy that we talked and she was able to say what happened in terms of her anxiety and things that built up. It was totally what I was expecting she’d say and completely understandable. It’s a huge deal that she could articulate this to herself more than anything else. I’m an incredibly proud sis.
As I said in my other post it will be interesting to see what therapy will end up being for her. Medicaid in IL is so bad for outpatient mental health stuff. MA is a lot better with that from what I’ve heard. Then again MA doesn’t have albany or a place like it so it’s a trade off.
Still I talked to this Mercy Hospital place yesterday it was so interesting. It was their mental health clinic. Called and got this really snippy front desk person. I asked about if they treat self-injury and they said yes. I asked about individual therapy. They said they don’t have anynew openings til May! How they’ve booked that far and it isn’t even the new year I have no idea. I would love to think it’s because there are amazing therapists at this place but I bet it’s just a high demand for care in that area. Some centers won’t even let you get services there if you’re not in their catchment like area around them or something.
Anyway the woman did say, and this is weird too, that they had this intensive outpatient program and if you went to that you could get into therapy faster. I asked when they had openings for the IOP, sure it must be at least july LOL, but they said they had openings right away. ok?
In the list of things rattled off when I asked what IOP entails they said med management. I said she does have a psychiatrist was that a problem? It’s usually not. In the three IOPS I’ve heard of around here it’s been fine. They probably actually prefer it less work for them trying to squeeze you in somewhere.
Well this woman got like suspicious or something, like I’d been hiding the fact that she had any kind of care all along. She’s like is she seeing the psychiatrist at a hospital? Geting other services? I didn’t dare say she was in residential she would have hung up on me or at least said or implied why does she need therapy if she’s living at an SMHRF? (because SMHRFS at least here, don’t provide actual therapy!)
So I just took down the number. Well thought I did. The recorder wasn’t on. So I called back, another number. Got a way nicer lady named Tracy. I guess I should have asked her my questions but I was geting anxious/ drained. I really don’t like talking on the phone to random people especially professionals. I have to sound professional myself and that wears on me LOL!
So I got the number if I’m feeling brave or if her caseworker is slow about it I might call back. She really doesn’t want an IOP but it could be better than methodist.
Of course there are a lot of awesome therapists in the area that treat SI but do they take medicaid? no! I wish we had our SSI to ourselves! I wish I used either insurance I had, I had tufts and masshealth back when I was in school. I could have saved up to pay for therapy now! If I did have money to pay for therapy of course I’d give it to Jess. I want her to see someone good.
Anyway I know many therapists especially when they find out you’re on SSI that routinely will slide down to $30 or $20 a session.
But anyway we’ll have to see what happens. They gave her turning point as an option which is really funny because that’s where I went and had it out with a couple staff over not being self-injury friendly at all. Though I was just on their site, I check every so often to see if the head person who I hated has left and then I might try the place again, she’s still there. But they have a few new therapists. They get new therapists all the time it’s crazy! Anyway this person says they’ve treated SI and eating disorders. Whether they do that there in a culture of “those types of people need specialized care!” I don’t know.
I have the e-mail for someone in intake so that will save a phone call. To just ask about the person.
I don’t know what else they gave her. There really are few options it’s a small world when you’re on medicaid. They do have outpatient therapy at Masonic but it would be like a half hour away. There’s also trilogy. There are a lot of intern therapists though. She could also see an intern for like $5. I think I’ve said this before and I got it from a wise professor. The good thing about working with an intern is they’re just learning. The bad thing about working with an intern is they’re just learning!
They’re just learning so they’re hopefully fresh with the kind of idealism that makes them like excited about things that some therapists would be like ugh I’m soo tired! They want to get to know as many different issues as posible they truly are learning from their clients. And I think both good and bad, many are leading with their personalities and not so much clinical skill like I said can be very good and very bad.
And on the very bad side they’re just learning. They’re taking cues from their supervisor a ton! They record the sessions to play for their supervisor. And then the next week they could totally change their mind or stance on things depending on what they were told. They don’t have the experience to know when to go by the book, when to go out on a limb and to have the confidence to know it’s ok to go out on a limb as long as theirs a solid foundation to land on ETC.
I do think with a situation like Jess’s I would not recommend an intern. I’ve tried it and I’ve been an intern and it’s still hard. Not a clinical intern obveously but I know the emotional/ mental process of being an intern.
So we’ll have to see. It’s tough. But I’m proud of her. And how far she has come with Nakia her caseworker. You could be the best caseworker ever but it’s still an entry level job and they aren’t therapists. So it’s like the intern thing except they’re like not even really supposed to be doing therapy. I really wish that the psychologists who came to albany we all could see. They only take medicare, but I feel like if the facility takes medicaire which it does, then we should all be able to see them. But it doesn’t work that way.
Will bug Jonathan about this.
So will keep people posted!


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