Boring monday

So today was kinda boring. Really didn’t do that much. For a while two out of the three elavators were down so we just stayed up here and ordered out. Which was good because it meant I didn’t have to leave the floor!
I wish my mental health book group would take off more. It’s on and not sure if I should also create an FB one.
I also just started another group around mental health treatment which I’ll do a separate post on. I try to start a ton of groups but then they don’t take off yet other groups just flow and I get discouraged and frustrated. So we’ll see.
I did e-mail a couple people that I haven’t in awhile like Deborah my voice movement therapist. And wendy a woman I met at that healing camp.
Speaking of which I did hear from the person I wrote a month ago on goings on when I last attended. I was just very pleasantly surprised she even wrote back. She said in terms of accessibility they can’t move because the place the camp is at like owns it which I didn’t know. Other things she wasn’t there for so can’t say one way or another. But she said I made good points and she’d be observant over the next time she’s there. It was the best response I could have hoped for.
So that was interesting like I said I was surprised just to get a response.
Oh I wrote a couple women who run a deaf/hoh meetup in Skokie that’s open to hearing people. Robbie and I wrote them back in February or something and they said we were welcome in spite of being blind and there not always being an interpreter. I know one is HOH so that could be helpful. I just hope they’re nice. I’m running out of ideas to even find people in the area that could teach me, or even have deaf people around since  May left. She was totally my inspiration and still is of course.
I feel so bad for the girl. We had left over pizza and Jess and I so wish she was here because  she woulda chowed down. It will suck for her spending christmas in the hospital. I will check with the social worker mid week for another status update. I’m hoping soon after christmas they will move her. I was a dy shy of spending thanksgiving in the hospital but christmas sucks more.
Will just try to keep in touch by phone while she has the VP. The live interpreter on sunday wasn’t as good.
My cell is having problems. I think I got it in 2010 or something. It’s doing that random turning itself off thing even if it’s charged. We thought it was the battery but I guess not. We’ll have Mr. J look at it. Not sure he has life saving magic with cell phones like he does with computers but we’ll see. Mom said either we have to have her send me another phone, that’s a flip phone like mine and then get to a verizon store and transfer everything. Or I send her my phone and she does the work out there and sends it back. I said the first idea sounded bad and the other one worse. She laughed at me and said at some point I’ll have no choice I’ll have to get a new phone! I hate new anythingjust love old stuff too much the last phone I had before this one was actually my first ever cell. I got it summer of junior year of high school! And it lasted til 2010 or 2009 or whenever I got the new phone.
Well as long as it lasts through the holidays which it should. Am hoping Jonathan can meet with Jess’s caseworker tomorrow and she can come back here like then! I’ll bug him with endless e-mails. His voicemail is full.
So Robbie’s going on a very long train ride to FL. I suppose Jess and I could take the train to MA it would probably take two days LOL! He’s gonna give audio updates. I will miss him on christmas but at least we will skype and I will meet his otherpretend husband/ crush.
That’s all for today.


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