New facebook group: Mental health treatment support

Hi everyone,
Wanted to let you all know about a group I created yesterday.I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. There are tons of groups out there on the same topics of different mental illnesses. But there isn’t much on support around the process of actually geting treatment. How to find/ keep/ fire therapists/ psychiatrists ETC. If psych meds are for you or holistic methods or what? The actual illness is one thing. But geting treatment can be a whole other level of frustrating and draining. As well as hopefully positive. All that I feel should have its own place to talk about.
There’s a specific forumm on psych central (it’s okish but a lot of drama and the same people there for years!) and people do seem to get a lot out of it.
So I’ve started this group. I’ve purposely made it broad to focus on any kind of treatment you can imagine. Would love to hear about unique forms of therapy/ care, things like holistic aproaches or people who do a mix of tradditional and holistic. Would love to hear about people who use the peer support community, as in peer support centers ETC.
I think everyone brings their own experiences especially those who are new to treatment having a place as a sounding board could be great. We could even help one another connect with local resources.
So Already have a few members. Really want as many as want to join. I say this about every group, but I really hope this takes off! If anyone wants to help admin let me know as well!

Please share this link and let me know if there are other places I could share to.


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