Still no home for one best friend, the other in observation til after monday

I try to have good days in spite of these struggles. Which readers know, the things going on in the last few weeks. And I have even today.
But all this is just too much at times. My deaf friend is still inpatient.  the hospital caseworker over there is fighting like crazy as am I. She does have a caseworker from a deaf program, who doesn’t sound like they are really pushing as hard as they can for her. Yes all the deaf related mental health sites are full which is truly sad. But when a facility says no there are creative ways around this, if the right people can sway certain people on the admin team. Basically how I got in to albany.
He was hoping Jonathan would advocate for  May within the network that manages several facilities including ours. So one might take her. Because there are a few cases where say admissions really likes her and thinks it can work but the big boss says no. In that case when it’s a maybe going towards no the right person might be able to sway things. I said that I would think he would have done that, worked in network long ago. But at that point, he said she wasn’t in urgent crisis with no home.
On other fronts I gave him a couple of skilled/ psych combined places. One that said no already which was sad. Others haven’t gotten back to him so will be literally geting more and more names. It could be that the caseworker at the deaf program is doing all she can in the circumstances. There is just so little out there for people with MI in general, never mind any additional needs. Both her medical condition, and being totally deaf make people pause in looking at her case.
I was able to talk with her tonight using a live interpreter and it went really well. She’s as fired up as ever. All she wants to do is smoke. Of course, well here in IL at least, when you’re in the hospital it’s a locked ward so no going outside at all.
It was good to talk to her and try to keep her spirets up.
She has so many issues it will be hard to find a place that will deal with all of them in a caring way. So this really break my heart that one of my friends is in the very same mess I was in 2013. Stranded in the hospital. The one good thing is that I can fight for her as well as the social worker here. I wish her deaf/hearing friends in chicago could do more. But I don’t know how close she was to these people or if they just as she puts it “bummed cigars off each other.”
Secondly Jess is still in the observation room. Where you don’t actually get observed. She went to her caseworker tonight and said that as of now she won’t be able to come back to our room til at least monday. This hurts me because I really really need her for christmas. It is not the same otherwise. We’re asking for a compromise if she can spend christmas eve here and all christmas day without having to worry about having to go upstairs to basically do nothing but prove she’s up there.
I guess they’re just stuck on a new care plan which I do get. But it is the holidays. Which I know is a part of how this went on in the first place.
There are no easy or fast answers in this situation. And I know staff are doing everything in their power to work with what she wants but also by the rules.
I will be seeing Jonathan tomorrow at two. Will have a lot to talk about with him then.


One thought on “Still no home for one best friend, the other in observation til after monday

  1. i think its amazing and so wonderful that kat has you to advocate for her. I’m sorry jess is still in observation. HOping a new care plan can be set up really soon. Sending hugs and love to you this is a difficult time. xxx

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