A relaxing day before christmas eve

I really think the day before Christmas Eve should be special too! Just something exciting about it like soo close OMG!
I wanted to make a night before christmas eve video but Jess said no. It takes us a minute to set up the video stuff and we both have to be in a good mood which after dinner/ towards nighttime isn’t usually a sure thing.
Anyway I can actually say I had a relaxing day!
That Jonathan session really put things in perspective about the room situation for now. As well as just got me a chance to let my feelings out.
I’m also happy that the two places I contacted around geting Jess therapy, one the self-injury center to consult with Jonathan, and the other turning point both were very responsive. Following up with my initial e-mails yesterday and then again today. I really like when professionals are responsive like that! I’m really hoping these resources and others will be a good help in this situation.
Jess cleaned out our closet! Found a lot of stuff I haven’t seen in awhile. Like a lot of stuffties. It was like geting new toys! See told ya the day before christmas eve is special just stick your head all the way in the closet and shut the door LOL!
So I had fun playing with those. Particularly a wooden toy I got down the street at this baby toy store. And some stuffed animals and finger puppets very well made from Timeless.
We sorted out some other stuff. For some reason we have a couple of sets of sheets with top sheets but no fitted ones. That will be a project for Anna and I our first one. I’m so relieved about that too.
Other than that just chillaxed. Did a little online volunteering. Talked to people on facebook.
Took two naps. One was pretty short.
Other than that not much going on. Quiet around here lots of people going to see family for the holidays.


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