Christmas Eve video

So today we did another video!
Shout out to Kat. I’m glad you loved the other video! I’ll make more if you want if it cheers you up any!
Anyway so I did this quick little vlog. Reminds me of my vlogging days. I stopped due to lack of views/ comments and my energy and time will always lay with this blog but if people want videos I can make some every so often. They’re perfect to show us opening presents and stuff which is why I make them usually now.
Anyway here’s the video

Again for Kat, and other deaf friends we tried to sign Merry Christmas. I somehow doubt it’s just an m and a c just sitting there because someone could think you’re about to spell MCdonalds or something LOL but yeah. And yeah my C is horible
Anyway basically as it says there. Had a good day. Mostly just hung out on facebook or did some reading. Really loved how normally serious Tossi played Santa by giving us fresh brownies that his daughters made.
Other than that like I said major excitement on my end can’t wait for tomorrow!! To get and give presents, and skype with people and be like yay yay it’s here!!


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