My mom’s Birthday! (christmas eve shhh)

My mom has the really bad luck of being born today. So her birthday like hardly gets recognized.
At our house back when my aunt the drama queen would organize this huge evening program on Christmas Eve we would have a “mom’s birthday” section for like an hour at around nine.
When that finally wound down, the program was to keep us all up and occupied til midnight (spanish traddition long story) we just started calling today Mom’s birthday and not christmas eve.
You really can’t hide from it though LOL! But we try.
So happy birthday to my mommy girl who looks a lot younger/ healthier than 63! Shh wasn’t supposed to tell her age. Was supposed to say she’s 39, so I’d be like seven so yeah weird.
But yeah guess she got to sleep in til 9:30 which is probably the best present she could get! That and watching the football game hate sports but yeah.
So remember it’s not christmas eve it’s Sam’s mom’s birthday. And she’s only 39 but looks 63! Got that backwards oh well LOL!


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