Amazing Christmas day!

Jess and I had an amazing christmas day 2016. We just got to totally kick back and enjoy the day.
You would think having a pile of presents for us to open would make me be awake in the morning but no. My routine won out and I took my nap as usual.
Then did get up and opened presents.
Below is a video on it. Won’t say anymore as want people to enjoy the video. First year that we recorded it live instead of it not recording and so having to pretend to open them LOL!

We also took some good pictures of stuff. But don’t know how to upload them to a blog.
Anyway just loved every minute of that half hour of presentness! Especially Jess’s reactions to the presents I got her. I made good choices and totally surprised her!
Anyway rest of the day was also relaxing. Lunch and dinner weren’t that great. You’d think at least on a holiday the staff could be in a better mood. But I guess they were short staffed and not happy working christmas.
Anyway they got stuff wrong for dinner and lunch wasn’t that good. That’s ok we had our big ordering out meal last night.
In the afternoon played with my new cabbage patch dolls. Learning how to dress them in their really cool outfets. Also started to play with the legos. So just generally enjoying everything. We both got new sets of sheets so we made our beds with those.
I helped pick up the room and throw stuff out.
After dinner was the best part. Skyping with my family and them really geting to know Jess. She really warmed to them and they were teasing just like always. Got to say hi to lucky and toby AWW.
They want me to go for walks in these boots my mom got me. I think with Anna now working with me
I’ll likely go on more walks like I did with Edith.
Anyway skyping was really really fun. After got meds. And am going to bed really soon. Very tired. Talk more tomorrow.


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