The day after christmas: enjoying my toys and figured out microphone issues with my computer

Hi everyone,
So other than the extremely sad news which I talked about, today was very good.
Well last night I ended up waking up in the middle of the night worried about this recording. I had had a skype conversation with my family. And their side of it came in fine. Mine was super quiet like you have to listen to head phones to hear it. I had no idea why. Because I had everything on the right setting I thought and the same software Total recorder, installed on my toshiba.
So for some reason couldn’t stop thinking about that. Went on the computer and wrote Robbie at like four in the morning LOL!
So yeah for whatever reason that got me anxious I guess. I’m kinda obsessed with recording stuff and then listening to it later. It’s like looking at pictures. I know I’m not the only blind person who has this issue it could also be an autistic thing.
So anyway did take a good nap this morning.
Spent like all afternoon figuring out this thing with the recording. So the total recorder people don’t sound too nice. Everything is done from their site even tech support. Though they have a phone number guess that’s just for the company.
But I tried to write them and it bounced. Copied Robbie on it and good thing. He said to check my microphone settings by using windows sound recorder. Which I didn’t even know was a program on my computer LOL!
Sure enough my microphone was at like 2. Then was messing with this boost thing which is supposed to help. It made the sound too loud and echoing on the computer end. So that took awhile literally a couple hours of playing to figure out. I will give Jess a lot of credit she did look at it and got it pretty much good the microphone side of things and worked for like forty minutes without geting crabby. So yay.
So that’s fixed so the next time I skype with family I can record it. Or listen to something online that I don’t want to download on my computer. Oh it was so weird I by mistake hit some setting and somehow it was like recording my voice as I was talking and I could hear myself talking through the headphones it was soo weird!
Anyway I’m curious whether there are any facebook groups or e-mail lists for total recorder users. It would be a good thing to have. I really don’t understand any recording/ playing audio terms at all except ya know headphones, play stop ETC LOL so would really need patient help. Key word patient! Which you actually sometimes don’t get in groups.
But anyway other than that helped Jess build lego stuff. She really loves them. And her coloring book which hopefully will be theraputic for her. She’s gonna show her caseworker this week.
She may be having an important with caseworker and The Man, guess who? tomorrow.
I feel happy about what I did to help. The presents and the people I got in touch with for staff to hopefully connect with.
So that should be interesting.
I’m having the best time playing with my dolls. Freya and Lexie. And Jess’s dolls are Isa and Allie. Plus some other stufties that had been in the closet and some finger puppets And a couple I got for christmas. Newest additions are: Speedy the turtle, Ruby the snail, Emily the lamb, hunter the other turtle with the really big head and the babies like I said. I really do need a toy box. And Jess needs a lego case. Picking up little legos off the ground is not fun.
Hope for more playing days!


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