Very sad news CNA Ms. Billy Barns passed away this morning

Hi everyone,
As is established, many people around here don’t have the best social skills. At all. They believe and make up rumors first of all as bad as anyone in high school or younger. Many probably only have the social skills of children.
So they’ll make up things that often make no sense. Or even if it is true tell it so badly that it’s just a mess. Like about staff leaving or something. Like no caring for how the other person would feel about it.
It’s one reason Stephanie made the move to tell me about Kat before Jonathan did. She was afraid that information would get passed around and come to me from the wrong hands. Sadly Kat didn’t have much of a social circle except for a few people she traded cigarettes and pop with, and the annoying deaf guy she fought with the last time.
But anyway this was another case of hearing something really emotional from the wrong person.
To back up. Ms. Billy, her first name is Billy by the way, don’t know if that’s an african american thing, has worked at Albany for like twenty years. And other related psych nursing facilities in the area. She and a few other nursing asistants/ nurses are quite close and made the rounds to these places eventually settling here.
CNAS here don’t get any specific mental illness training. And Ms. Billy sure doesn’t know very many accurate things about mental illness at all. She calls people crazy to their face. I think she does have compassion for people most of the time. Even if she doesn’t quite get the ins and outs of what’s going on. She never could understand self-injury, though she did eventually accept that I could “scratch a little bit” from meeting with Jonathan. She has no patience for people being rude. She feels it’s not “them being crazy” it’s how they’re brought up.
She’s someone with a very big personality where you either love her or hate her. Even the residents and staff who didn’t like her I feel she still cared for. If you didn’t understand her you would think she’s snapping at people all the time. But that’s just her nature.
She was one of the first CNAS I met. And one of the few staff especially CNAS who took my blindness in stride. I found out about a year back that she’s convinced I’m depressed because I’m “agitated about being blind.” I tried telling her otherwise. It’s really hard to get ideas out of her head. She’ll do what she feels is the right thing. Which is probably the right thing for your family members. Like bringing stuff in for residents from her house, or demanding that I not be in observation just because she knew it was upsetting me. She’d go up against whoever, probably even the big boss admin, to get what she wanted.
She was loved here by staff like I said she traveled in a CNA/ nursing old school circle. Which is probably why they never fired her for going off. Or even made her retire. She wasn’t technically retired. She was on extended medical leave.
When I talked to her last she was having problems walking, issues with her jaw and some other stuff. Only found out like a couple days ago that she was a chain smoker. I didn’t even know she smoked at all. And that she had cancer. People were still saying, not sure if it’s just for resident’s benifit, that she was coming back.
So fast forward we’re riding down the elavator. And this woman is like Billy Barns died this morning. Just says it outright. She said she heard it from another CNA who also worked here a long time.
So yeah got that news thrown at us. Between that and the huge crowd and this newere guy talking to himself/ the air literally nonstop for five minutes we went back upstairs and got pizza. I just couldn’t take it. Especially the other person in that elavator who after this woman said what she did was talking about turkey. Yeah he’s like that really can’t get a straight answer out of him. One of those that won’t move when you’re like stepping on him can’t have a normal conversation type.
I wish we had heard it from staff or a resident that was more with it to like tell us gently. But that’s life around here.
I’m hoping they will have a big memorial for her so residents and Staff can share their Ms. Billy moments.


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