What I’ve discovered about facebook groups that is really positive

So people know that I’ve been doing a lot of online social networking and connecting with others with similar interests.
I’ve been down on facebook groups in the past for how poorly moderated they can be and the huge amounts of drama.
But I’ve been in a few different groups and read that many people use several groups for different types of support and each one has its own personality.
Particularly when one group that had been there for years closed many expressed a strong wish for it to stay open. Saying that while there were a few other groups on this issue that group had particular good qualities. I’ve been looking through all these mental health groups in my searching each that has from 200 to several thousand members! And many are extremely active. So it makes me think that there must be a reason and place for each and every group.
Particularly on the issues of health/ mental health/ disability, psychology, book discussions ETC.
This filled me with a lot of hope. Because it made me see that I don’t need to shut down a group that isn’t active at the moment. Just keep it open and hopefully people will come for support and the next person in the door could be someone I really will connect with.
This really changes my perspective on FB groups. And perhaps e-mail groups as well? Though I don’t quite get it why groups.io hasn’t taken off more than it has. With it basically being the domain of the blind. But hoping for it to pick up speed.
So with that said Ihave some great ideas for groups:
A self-help, mental health and disability related book club. I know my friend carol Anne and I have made several. One group I’m in did a spinn off and that one is at least somewhat active. But I still want this out there for people to know it exists.
Unless there are other better sites to have book discussions on.
Another idea is a group for mental health professionals, and consumers with disabilities. This could be for anyone from consumers/ peer workers/ volunteers, to studdents, to professional therapists/ psychologists ETC. I think it’s really important for people with disabilities in this field to really brainstorm on the best possible solutions to some really big issues that face people with disabilities.
Clients don’t often get to work with a therapist with any kind of disability. I feel that people in the field who have disabilities need a place to talk about what that experience is like.
So I’m really excited about starting that one.
I was thinking an audio blogging group. Where people can blog about what’s going on. Even like the sounds of what’s around them. To just share in that way. Again ideally with a mental health focus or perhaps sharing hobbies like music. Or blogs on a certain subject like languages crafts ETC
Another idea would be to create a group of people envested in wellness in mental health, rather using an official book like WRAP or just in general. One part of this is called exchange listening. It’s a peer counseling aproach which I guess can be done by anyone. I’ll have to look it up more. But would be awesome if the group first got comfortable with each other and then used skype or hangouts to do the listening part.
Lastly I was wanting to create a group on the total recorder software. As I spent quite awhile on there today. I know there are a lot of other tech groups out there. And I really need to trust the person I’m working with. Not just with my computer but I get frustrated easily with tech and often feel stupid/ emotional. Often people in these groups act like they know everything or are super inpatient. But it’s worth a thought.
My last thought is to create a group around anything to do with ASL and blindness. Whether it’s deafblind, blind hearing, sighted signing allies, discussing learning the language, protactile, and maybe finding others to meet with in person. I started a group on groups.io which I don’t ever plan on closing. But want this option as well. It was sad to not see anything really on this at all.

So these are my ideas. Keep in mind I’ll still do the mental health treatment review! Need to get back to that. Am hoping my networking will pay off with this as well.
If anyone is interested in any particular group please let me know. Plan to get started on them as soon as I can. At least the set up.


2 thoughts on “What I’ve discovered about facebook groups that is really positive

  1. I’m interested in helping you run the audio blogging one. I think I’d like to do that. Do you want me to set that one up? Or do you want to set them all up and make me a moderator of that one?

  2. Tried to leave a comment but i am on the IPod touch and do not feel like digging out my password, but basically i said try making groups that do not exist, or look for groups that you can network in and then branch off; like try audio pals on groups.io. You are re inventin re inventing the wheel on a lot of these and those will not be nearly as popular.g


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