disabled dolls

So moving on from this morning. Was exhausted and took my morning nap. But it ended up that I woke up at like ten twenty which is early for me and a nap. I usually wake up at quarter of eleven or eleven.
What started out as looking for a lego carrying case, because the top to the box does not go on tightly (because they want you to spend more money!) turned into all afternoon online shopping! Well not shopping I haven’t bought anything yet.
So not sure if I went through the presents I got. First of all I most of all love that Jess loves the presents I got her and now I have more ideas for her. She’s already being very creative with the lego models and am sure she’ll enjoy the art stuff.
Jess got me some really cool things. From stimtastic I got one of Milo’s marble mazes yay! It’s really cool. Got some small koosh balls and of course the crochet stress balls that break.
I got a couple stuffed animals that I’d seen at walmart/ CVS. Plus we just rotated in a few that had been hibernating in the closet for months and months maybe a year so they’re like new.
Then I got cabbage patch dolls. I haven’t had dolls in forever and don’t remember playing with them except one american doll, a few glass ones and barbies. Which I hate looking back. I mean barbies they’re soo ugh! Like break so easily I liked cutting their hair that’s about it. Krissy said she actually conditioned her american doll’s hair and it turned out good. My barbies turned out bald and ugly!
It’s amazing to me how expensive dolls are. Well anything actually. Like food clothes everything. Like who decides how much something costs? Never mind don’t give me a financial lesson cause it will go over my head!
Anyway so yeah. She got me four dolls. Well two for me and two for her. And several outfets. Including a pair of ice skates.
We chose our dolls. There’s Freya who’s around one. Allie is three. Isa is six months or so, and Lexie is three. I have Lexie and Freya and she has the other two. Hers usually visit me during the day when they’re not hanging out with her stufties particularly a care bear Baby Girl.
But I love them. I love learning to dress and undress them. I love adjusting the little pillows under their head and just knowing they’re there. They haven’t fell off my bed since I got them that shows you I care!
Of course this stuff is wicked expensive. Well at some places. I guess she got it off amazon and ebay for cheaper but still. Like she said it’s her money and I know I’m gonna really use them.
So anyway was looking for a lego carrying case. She’d mentioned the toys r us site before. I just never really thought about it much. But it came up in a search. You could sort by price which I couldn’t get walmart to do, so that was cool. I found a case for $7. The topic of the day came up when it said if you buy $19 or more you get free shipping. So I was like ok what do I want to buy for me LOL!
So that’s when I started looking at stuff. And OMG the cutest stuff!! Like you have no idea!
First of all I have to say Barbie’s had an upgrade since the 90s. She now has jobs as a dentist, computer instructor, three houses in malabu, and a wheelchair!
But anyway found this line of dolls called You and Me. I guess they don’t have hair. I have issues with dolls with no hair. In the cabbage patch only Lexie has hair. Anyway so yeah. Still they have like everything you can imagine for these you and me ones. A lot of different baby sets, a cooking set, house, and even playground with real swings and everything.
So I looked at all that.
Then found some other dolls called Journey girls. They’re more like teens and at first I didn’t think much of them because I was looking for babies the size of the you and me ones to put in the play sets. Basically so I could have a doll with hair.
But I may get them at a later point.
Anyway so I started a wish list.
And all this doll shopping made me think of dolls with disabilities. And I guess they have them! Below are some links.
So-able dolls
Special angel dolls
Really good article on american girl dolls with disabilities
Signing works deaf doll
I can sign doll
I’m really excited about this! Apparently the fingers move in order to be manipulatedd into handshapes. I will talk with ASL users about this and hoping this will be a helpful tool. Jess says my other dolls can sign but I don’t see how as the fingers don’t move and aren’t even well deffined.
Did find a signing barbie with just magnetic pictures you can stick on her body go figure so barbie!
The good thing about this doll is that I think they can get you one for free. So I will say I’m a blind person learning to sign and am like gonna change the world with it, well my world anyway, and really really need the doll. To learn for myself and hopefully prove to others that it can be used as a learning tool. If blind signers in particular can work with the creators we could really costumize the dolls to be blind/ deafblind friendly.
As an addition I wonder if there’s a way to somehow have the eyes nose and mouth be somehow manipulated so that facial expressions are moldable to match the signs? Because it would really be weird to be doing the signs but with a frozen expression. Something that Jess said wasn’t necessary because I don’t understand facial expressions. Hey that might be something else a foldable face doll for autistic people and others to practice facial expressions rather than a doll with one expression usually a smile.
I can’t find a blind doll anywhere to show. I think there’s one with dark glasses and a guide dog. I would like the creator to be educated on that it’s called guide dog not seeing eye dog. And that not all blind people wear glasses. Of course the dog and glasses can stay. But would want to add a cane, something with braille on it, and a little computer with a screen readerr? LOL, maybe something that looks like a braillenote or brailler.
But other than that I think this idea is soo creative and will be one hundred percent behind it.
This idea has implications not only for children with disabilities but teens/ adults who use toys and other creative modalitys to express themselves/ relate.
I’m very excited to continue this search.
My Toys R Us wishlist is below. Will ask Robbie how to have it be a link on the blog.
Will make wishlists on other sites if needed.


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