Up extremely early annoying residents

So today was interesting.
Jess like keeps me in line at night. If I wake up I can only read on my braillenote or probably now listen to my victor recorder. I definitly can’t go on the computer! She hates seeing me up for hours. Because then often when it gets past a certain time in my head I decide to just stay up then am extremely tired, fussy all day!
So last night some residents were making noise. We have this one woman Barbara who I don’t know what her illness is but I’m leaning towards some kind of personality disorder. Just like, has no idea how to be in relationship with other people to her being in relationship literally means always geting her way screaming at the top of her lungs and ordering people around.
She went through a long phase, she might still be doing this, of taking pictures of everyone and everything around her. Guess Jonathan got involved when she was taking pictures of random kids at the park which I guess is against the law.
Anyway so everything out of her mouth is like screamed. So at like two thirty she goes to one of the nursing asistants call the nurse! If you don’t call the nurse he won’t know that I need him! Nurses work two floors. Anyway the way she sounded you would think she was in major crisis. It was probably nothing. I swear now that I’m thinking about it I’ve never heard her talk kindly to anyone. We did have this CNA one of the days Jess was in the hospital who for whatever reason was slamming all the doors and shouting medication!! It was really not ok. So she did her going off including You can Not be going into residents rooms slamming doors and shouting! I’ll report you to Karen! The director.
So that was the one time I was happy for her outburst.
So anyway about a half hour after this we had our singer Ben. He’s a weird guy. He’ll stand at the opening to the dining room for all meals and say to everyone walking by either “you can go in.” if they’ve just opened the doors, or “enjoy your meal.” It’s nice I guess but can get annoying.
So he’s on four I think. And you’re supposed to stay on your floor til like seven in the morning. unless you’re doing laundry on two. Even then you really shouldn’t be wandering around talking or singing.
So this happens a lot. He’ll be walking around just singing like “ooohhh ” and some wrap kinda thing including swearing which I hate! And this goes on for like however long he feels like!
So yeah I got woken up. In addition to the fact I just miss Jess in our room at night. Sadly that won’t get her moved any faster.
So stuff I did during the night:
Listened to some of a really good Cathy Glass book.
Cleaned up the floor while looking for my rock. Threw out Junk Jess left. Picked up the legos for the second time, she soo needs a carrying case! Had a snack. Read on my braillenote. Talked to my dolls and stufties and generally thought about how much I love my toys.
So yeah. What was funny was that this one CNA came in for rounds while I was doing the cleaning bit and was like do you want me to turn the light on? Hello Blind!
Oh and of course I went on the computer. Did e-mail and FB. Eventually fell asleep at five twenty. I did try to fall asleep another time but just couldn’t. At least I wasn’t upset like emotional. Except I will be writing Jonathan about Ben and Barbara. He has plenty of experience with both I’m sure. I’ve seen Barbara in his face many times.
So yeah that was my night into today. Will talk about the day in another post as it’s geting long.


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