Adult play therapy and creative writing

As I’m finally winding down from the emotions of the day I can’t articulate all my thoughts and feelings on this at the moment. This as stated along with everything, has been racing around in me since I got my dolls really. It’s been such a long time since I’ve played with toys.
manipulating the objects brings stories to life in my mind. Just thinking about it does. Different scenes and characters themed around social services, mental health care for children and perhaps adults. How this affects the practitioner/ caregivers as well. I’d like to include disabled main characters I.E therapists, foster parents ETC but don’t have any models to work off of.
I will be including many children and teens with various physical, sensory, psychiatric and other disabilities.
The basis of the story:
A as yet unnamed woman in her mid 20s is embarking on her masters degree in social work. It’s set in a fictional ciity and fictional state. I want a clean slate with no reminders of anything real. So if I need to make up policies and whatever for cities and states bordering it and basically write the book on social work/ mental healthcare in this world I can.
Anyway this woman is trying to act sure of herself. She knows in her heart of hearts she wants to work with people. People who have been carrying unspeakable traumas. People who have lost their way in life whether it’s parenting, growing up ETC. She knows this comes from someplace inside her. But doesn’t quite know why. Or doesn’t want to remember why.
She wants to put her past behind her which is so ironic because no matter how short term an intervention you always at least take a history which certainly puts the past in perspective.
She just moved from either another town or state nearby. She got her bachelors in social work. But needed to leave that situation behind for unknown reasons. As in couldn’t continue at that school and needed a fresh start.
So she’s here starting a new program hoping to reinvente herself.
The way this place works is there’s this huge agency called Crestwood. And under the Crestwood umbrella there are all the departments you can think of for social services and child advocacy. And if it’s not actually in their programs they’re very well connected and networked with area agencies hospitals ETC.
For this reason Crestwood is a saought after spot for internships in social work counseling psychology ETC.
She goes in for her interview. Feels the person questioning her can somehow see past her facade but manages to hold it together.
She did get in. She will be working at Crestwood for at least the first year. For first year interns they place them in different departments/ areas of the organization. They do a few week orientation where they have seminiars with the other interns and professionals. They will do group supervission as well as individual.
Then after getting aquainted they’ll split off into teams of two interns in whatever area.
The stories are of this program, this process. This one woman trying to keep herself together and basically thrown into the deep end of child advocacy mental healthcare and special needs services.
Who will she meet? Who will she get along with, have conflicts with? Who will she work with?
So far I’m picturing her and her coleauges telling possible short scenes/ stories about various experiences. Working at a program for teen moms and their young children. Working at a theraputic day school for children and teens with a mix of disabilities.Doing child dvocacy in foster homes as a way to be an objective outsider along with the social worker to help any issues that arise.
Who she connects with, how her own personal life bubles to the surfaces, and the real life stories of all envolved will remain to be seen.
I hope you don’t all think it’s totally weird. But hey my mind is occupied.
If you don’t want to read it I can keep it to myself.
I do wish I had role models for disabled professionals. I’ve read about ( sadly have not yet personally interacted with) many children or teens with special needs. I have plenty of experience with adults with mental illness and disabilities which might come in later. So I can do that justice I think.
But I don’t know how to seemlessly incorporate disability into the lives of the actual professionals without making it seem forced or just not workable. The one exception is the main character who we know from the beginning has invisible disabilities we just don’t know what.
So yeah there’s the layout. Good to get that out of my head.


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