Found out my psychiatrist is retiring at the end of the month am surprisingly calm

So as you know myself, and my close friends all have the same psychiatrist. As well as a bunch of people at Albany of course. She also goes to several nursing homes, works inpatient at Masonic hospital which is an extremely good hospital! And also at a clinic.
She’s had to tell people that at the end of January she is retiring from working at the nursing homes as well as Masonic.
This is very sad but not really unexpected if you think about all she’s doing and likely all the years she’s been in practice.
It does cause huge issues for all patients particularly those here and other facilities because the psychiatrists that work at these facilities are so few and far between. Because there are rules about who can work here and their out of hours policies and stuff.
They do have a couple new psychiatrists I believe. The predominant hospital is St. Marys! Which was terrible. They also do have the Dr. I had before Fyazz Gil but he works at Thorack which was not good either.
Not only that but whatever psychiatrist I got they’d need to be comfortable with self-harm and the unique care plan that’s been developed here. Though I haven’t had issues in awhile it’s a big part of my history. And like Jonathan always says the minute you turn your back on your illness that’s when it knocks you down! Meaning always be careful and always be aware of where it is in relation to you.

You can have an outside psychiatrist it just takes some doing.
Due to my new superpowers, LOL, my high focus/ energy or whatever you call it, I did not panic! I’m just going to talk with Mr. J about it when I see him today. And make it a first priority when I sit down with Anna who I haven’t met with yet but who is very excited to have me on her caseload.


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