My friday managing the new energy and a good day

So today was good. I think I’m learning how to handle this huge amount of creativity/ hyper ness or whatever. It reminds me in a book where this girl was learning how to spinn magic thread. The thread came out of nowhere and kept going all over the place tangling itself into knots but she had to learn to control the threads with her magic to go where she wanted.
I feel like that like sometimes it will just knock me down it’s so strong. Like walking with a hyper dog on a leash or controling a horse.
This morning for example. I was like totally mentally in high gear at like eight. But physically needed my morning nap as I’ve always done. It pulled and pulled against me that I had to do everything right now and could take a nap whenever. I just lay there standing my ground mentally eventually I did fall asleep. But it was an interesting internal dialogue I’ve never had to have before.
The rest of the day went as the others have gone. With very intense focus I’ve gone through what needs doing. Do one thing, other stuff organizes itself waiting in line to go next. Next! the next thing comes up. It’s really cool to have this power of focus and order in my mind.
Did some facebook stuff Was very happy to have Robbie home from vacation so we skype chatted.
I had my therapy session. In terms of the psychiatrist I was totally right in knowing that I’d get one hundred support in carefully finding someone new and going over options.
He hadn’t read the e-mail I sent him the other day but he read along as I tried to explain what was going on. He says “they call it manic” not high. But that he said that it was fine as it was just a little I was aware of it and hey we’re at the end of the year and you have spring in you so go for it!
He thought my ideas were interesting and creative but was not so impressed as I am. The only person who’s as impressed/ overjoyed about it is Robbie who is already making plans for me to write kids books LOL!
So it was a good session. There was one very difficult issue which I’m putting in another post.
The rest of the night went fine. I did meet with Anna. Generally things went well. I’ll say more about our meeting fully in another post. Am feeling like I need to wind down now


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