Any specific resources for people wishing to write mental health/ disability themed fiction?

So as I embark on the huge task my brain has thrown at me I’ve apreciated people’s comments on how to channel the energy. Into writing which of course he will be my editor LOL!
This seemed to resonate such that in the middle of the night last night when I tried to go to sleep after being on for awhile I couldn’t and spent two hours writing the first part of the story. I’m torn about posting this here if people even will want to read it or will criticize spelling. So gentle comments please.
However the subject that I’m most worried about is representing people and situations I have no personal knowledge of in sensitive and true to life way. For example I know all about living in a residential care facility and about mental illness in general the stages of recovery denial different professionals ETC.
However as I plan to eventually bring in characters with various disabilitysI’m stuck. These are things I don’t have a personal handle on. So how can I do a good service to the people who will read this and likely find a lot of real life in it that resonates with them. I know for me a huge thing when I review a book is to say if it accurately represented mental illness, therapy and other treatments ETC. Some authors do a good job of this others do not. For the ones that do I would love to connect and ask these important questions. How to be a writer who is intelligent and knows the lay of situations that they’ve never experienced but that they feel they must explore through this medium as a way to reach out to the real life characters who so need good representations and knowing a supportive advocate is there who gets it as much as an ally can.
So please I am wondering if anyone knows of a creative writing site/ fb group. Where the focus is realistic fiction I.E young adult tough issues, to do with disability ETC) I want to have people around who can gently but honestly give tips on how to speak accurately. Any thoughtson this are so apreciated.

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