Day one of 2017: still high on creativity, things I’m focusing on/ wanting to explore

I got the best new years present I went to bed at ten and slept soundly through the night!

I’m still high on creativity as I want to call it. Jess says if she didn’t know better she’d say I had cafeen in me or drugs LOL! She thinks it’s that manic thing but I don’t think so. I really am not that concerned. It’s good to feel actually motivated. To say to myself/ someone else that I’m gonna do something and then get to it like right away. No putting stuff off, unless I want to like looking up manic LOL, and no just staring into space unable to do anything or focus.

So let’s see. Did a bunch of facebook stuff. Love some of the new groups I’m in and the oppurtunities I’ll have to meet others with various disabilities. And really connect and stuff.

I skyped with Robbie today and that was awesome he showed me a new recorder thing that’s better than the one we were using. Still my microphone is a bit off don’t know why there’s an echo sound but not that bad so who knows. Hate the connection problems I have with skype just nuts but we were able to talk our heads off for awhile! Which is always amazing.

I had the same huge amount of energy and focus. Actually decided to look up self-publishing on kindle, since Robbie is all “you should write a book and make a lot of money LOL!” So for fun I looked it up. It seems easy and free so who knows. We’ll just take it a bit at a time as I’ve surprised myself with the things that I’m coming up with and actually doing not just thinking and considering but just saying I want to do this I’m doing it now and it’s done. It feels so good to be confident in myself and what I’m doing like more than ever before. Played with my dolls. Lexie went skating. I think they’ll get bored of skating soon can’t wait to buy other things from them. I pretended to feed them snack and water and stuff. Can’t wait to be able to give them a bath and other things too! Wish I could just buy and buy stuff but know I need to be careful like Jess says.

So anyway thinking most about the story and writing it continuing to work on it and just seeing where it leads if anywhere. The three things I’m looking for now are: A group online for writers who write fiction/ memoirs specific to realistic topics like mental illness and disability. A group where people buy/sell/ trade toys. A group for anyone working in a role such as childcare, mental health, social services teaching ETC who also has a disability. This is very important and something I am very passionate on. So those are the three things I will be focusing on in the next week but will probably take a whole lot longer of course! And that’s fine.

The other cool thing is that even though I’m operating on a higher faster and more efficient speed I’m not pushing or expecting others to do the same. I’m actually more patient because I have so much going on in my head so doing something like waiting for Jess to finish eating so we can leave the dining room is ok as I’m so mentally occupied. I still get irritated but it’s not nearly as bad. An anxious feeling or something seems to last like a minute and then I’m back in my high mode.

So yeah! Oh tomorrow we’re going to walmart soo excited! My mom should be sending me another package with snacks, oatmeal that I eat for breakfast, and yay hydrocortozone. We will still absolutely get that plus another cream as back up to really try and clear these spots. As well as get burger king have been waiting forever! And browse the doll section yay yay!!

If anyone is interested in anything action based above (the groups I mentioned looking for, thoughts on self-publishing) would love to connect!


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