entering the world of disability advocates for May

Hi again,

So I’m starting down the road of bringing in the big guns, legal/ housing advocates specific for people with disabilities including deafness to get  May where she needs to go. These facilities need to actually realize they can’t just turn their back on someone and that it’s ok. Without even meeting that person and even with an amazing social worker who is doing everything one hundred percent right.

He told me a couple weeks back that this is turning into an ADA issue and he didn’t feel he was the person to start pushing those buttons. Well we’re hoping to get someone or multiple someones to push them hard.

May is doing ok surprisingly. She seems stable. She needs to be in a psych/skilled care facility which they do have many and she’ll get into one whether I have to I don’t know get every advocate in IL behind us!

I can’t wait to see her again to visit maybe. And to get my letter board to try it out with her.

Oh not sure if I said this. Thursday I was struck with the idea of using those little kids magnetic letters for kids that have Braille on them so she can spell things out and I can read them. This way we can cummicate at least at a basic level I could write out a word I want to learn to sign and persuade her to physically teach me and then ask questions ETC. There are other more advanced word boards which I will also look into. I’m thrilled with this idea and even if it’s slow and faulty it’s way better than nothing or us having to depend on someone else just to say a few things.

So am hoping for the best with responses this week. One legal guy had an automatic reply that he wouldn’t be back til the ninth. And if this was an emergency contact this other person. Well I’ll be sending this info to them. I even put in the subject Emergency:deaf friend in hospital! Or something like that, about being denied services so stuck in the hospital.

So we’ll have to just see.


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