good day with walmart

Hey everyone,

So did have a good day today. Slept well last night from eleven to five. Listened to an audio book on my player in the morning. Took my nap. Spent time after it looking up interactive baby dolls and other doll things. Will save that for another post.

As I am still high on creativity I wasn’t so bothered by the crowds and noise at the store not that there were much. We spent $40 what cost the most was the hydro cortozone cream and a bottle of oatmeal based lotion that I hate the smell and feel of but does work

In the toy section I was beyond thrilled to find a beanbag chair and a minny trampoleen both that I really want!

We found a really cute doll sofa that pulls out into a bed. Jess found a little stuffed dragon she wanted. Maybe we can get that stuff next time.

I can’t wait for the babycare things for my dolls to come in this week.

That’s about it. Our day went fine until I got really thinking about how we might be out of luck for Kat. Which I put in another post. First time I’ve been down and anxious since my creative high. I feel hopeless about this and it infuriates me and makes me wonder how many professionals will do things to make themselves look good or stay out of some hypothetical trouble than actually care to help


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