full day of reaching out

Hi everyone,

So last night I was honestly about as down as I could get about Mays situation. The professionals who honestly are so incredibly skilled and compassionate being at a loss really scares me. It means things are really really bad now.

So I was so depressed at ten I just shut off the computer and slept and slept all night. I woke up with renewed energy. Tried to listen to my audio book and relax but couldn’t. Knew I needed to get back into action for May. I wrote someone from another facility who has been nothing but great about everything from the moment we first connected. They would have taken me except they didn’t have internet and that was a big no for me of course!

Anyway she likes me a lot says she’d love for me to do some peer support over there at some point.

So anyway their facility was the only one who gave  May the courtesy of actually going out and doing a screening interview which really all places should do.

I thanked her for that said I didn’t blame any one place for not taking her I was frustrated and heartbroken at the across the board mentality that everyone won’t even just try. I don’t know if they think that she can just go to a  deaf mental health facility. But all are full.

That done I called the center on deafness again. Had talked with them a couple weeks back. They’re the ones with the one house with four beds for women and that’s it. I told her the update she reminded me they were full. I was like yeah but no one will take her how can they get away with this?

She says well if they don’t know ASL they can’t serve her. I’m thinking so go learn ASL! Would they be saying this if she spoke Spanish or French? Maybe but I doubt like twenty places would. Everyone is all into being culturally competent how does this not translate to disabilitys especially sign language?

She said she was sorry and to her credit she sounded sorry. She also sounded resigned as if she’s dealt with this before and she likely has. Maybe this is a much bigger problem in IL, and the country than I ever even thought.

One facility that took someone who used to live at FP I had written since if they took a blind person maybe they’d take a deaf person. They didn’t comment on that but just said they actually don’t take mental illness. They gave me the name of a place that does. Their site looked and great and again they were a place that was like “ look at us, we’re all culturally sensitive!”

So I basically tried to flatter them saying how awesome their facility sounded and how glad I was that they were sensitive to diversity. I gave her case, making the medical condition the priority which it is. And putting the deafness last and emphasizing ways that she an staff here have made it work in spite of not being a place for the deaf. I’m sure that both professionals have done this beautifully why I think I would do a better job or have a different out come I don’t know. I’m just desperate.

I wrote the ombudsman I told you about in another post. I told her the story. I then wrote a therapist who seems well established in the deaf mental health community, she’s hearing, and told her what was up.

I think that’s everyone. Oh I called access living and left a message with someone.

So this took all day!

That and just thinking and thinking about everything. Like how in the world are we even in this situation. Are we as a society still that behind the times that this can happen to someone? That they can be outright denied services because of their disability by place after place with no thought to the person they’re turning away? I guess so based on the center on deafness woman’s resigned tone of voice. It makes me want to do more research. Probably this is more wide spread than anyone ever thought.

Oh I also did contact someone I know who’s a really strong advocate for the deaf and hard of hearing community, she’s hard of hearing herself, who said to give her a couple of days and she’d look into it. I believe her she’s extremely dedicated. I want to get to know her anyway I’m just sorry I had to contact her in these circumstances.

So that was all for today. Historically  a couple of these people are fast responders on e-mail no matter the topic. So I’m really hoping it means they’re considering this.

We’ll just have to see. She wants to go to ca so bad because of the deaf community over there. Honestly I would fly her there myself. IL is clearly a very unfriendly state for the deaf!


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