contacted NAD, Counseling center for the deaf and others and was told to take a break

Hi everyone,

It seems like one day blends into another with all the research and contacting I’ve been doing.

Last night I woke up at two and couldn’t sleep. So after a half hour of audio book I went online and researched. I found this counseling center for the deaf.

As well as the national mental health coalition for the deaf. I don’t have that site.

I forget what else I did but I did go back to sleep at five til eight.

I took my much needed morning nap. Then did more research/ e-mailing.

Sharon from counseling center was awesome. They work with people all over the country, no Medicaid sadly! She told me among other things that this is common and that IL isn’t a friendly state for deaf people.

And that often deaf people have to move to get good services like schools or mental health services.  May wants to move to CA and at this point I agree. This is just ridiculous.

Everyone has been saying to contact NAD. But their contact form is not accessible. Thank you TC my twitter friend for getting their attention!

A woman named Lizzie responded in less than five minutes. She took the information and forwarded it to the law and advocacy center. I loved how fast her response was and I just hope they get back to me soon. I can’t imagine how many requests they get!

Tried to contact access living but the line was busy or it just rang and then there was this high pitched tone in my ear! They really are a mess I can’t get their site to work at all or even the right contact information.

Anyway people also suggested contacting state agency for the deaf. I am pretty skeptical of this, considering how bad the state agencies for the blind are. That they refuse to basically even talk to you unless you’re wanting to be employed they don’t respond in emergency situations and are generally so uncaring.

So that I did not do. I just couldn’t deal with it.

All this is so exhausting and sometimes it feels like it’s going nowhere, well all the time actually! I just hope after contacting all these people they don’t just all say well it’s totally unfair but these facilities can legally do what they’re doing so yeah sorry we can’t do anything!

I love the unit she’s at for continuing to keep her until a place is found. Thank goodness for that. I know other units I’ve been to would not. And I’ve heard of people even with disabilities just being discharged to the streets.

A friend from MA told me last night about a blind friend who’s been homeless for years. Somehow I thought adults with disabilities especially sensory/ physical, were considered a vulnerable population and adult protective services would step in. I guess not. I guess every state is different.

You would think in 2017 we would not be in this situation but we are and I just hope there’s a way out.

Jess has ordered me to take a break. Like til tomorrow morning. That nothing would start happening anyway even if we connected with someone today, until they went through the hospital ETC. I can go toy searching just can’t buy anything. I know I should and will listen or else she’ll jump up and down on me and tickle me to death!

Thank you to everyone who’s followed this and just listened as well as those who have suggested things. Even if sadly many of them have already been tried!


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