a little progress and talking on the phone with May


Hey everyone,

So I’ve continued to take a break which has been nice. I was happy with a little progress today. theEvanston  Ombudsman came through. I had written her Tuesday I think and she was taking her time getting back to me which I was hoping was good.

She had spoken to a skilled+psych place in Evanston. They have deaf people there I guess or have. So they’d consider her fairly deafness aside. I was thrilled even though it isn’t a yes at least it’s fair treatment!

The hospital social worker was happy two he asked her to give a few others “a nudge.” I like how he uses that term, I’m ready to hit these people over the head about now!

So hoping she can do that. Others are in Chicago and I think  she only does Evanston. So not sure if she’ll have to have someone else do Chicago stuff or what. I’m just happy we have an outsider with the power to be an objective person and really get these people to not just brush her off as it’s her job to protect the rights of everyone in facilitys. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Meanwhile  May called me three times today! Twice on the remote interpreter thing, sorry if I have the name wrong! And once with the live interpreter  at the hospital. Wish I could see her in person and give her a hug. She has such a nice voice.

Anyway so Robbie always says if you get a deaf person on the phone they’ll talk your ear off. I didn’t believe it until well today! Because she called three times each for like twenty minutes to a half hour.

The first time she talked about food and other stuff. I was half asleep because it was ten and I had already done some stuff in the morning. Then she called later at around four. She told me this long story about how all her friends are trying to help her they all know she’s homeless and everything. So that was actually a very interesting conversation as I didn’t know anything at all about her friends before now. But they all live in different states and have different things going on and it was good to hear about.

I’m not sure if she meant to do this but she was listing everyone by number. Whether that was easier for the interpreter or what I don’t know. But I was her 7th best friend LOL!

I always thought she was so lonely with no friends besides me and Jess. But she does have a lot of friends in Chicago, CA, NY, and FL.

Then she called me back after dinner talking how she wants to go live with a friend in NY who owns three houses and stuff. Then she admitted being “addicted to water” and drinking because she’s bored. She totally doesn’t understand the real reason which is kinda funny. I just go along with it.

So yeah it was really amusing and like wow I’m gonna have to shut off my phone if I want some peace LOL!

Before all this while we were struggling to get a few words across to each other I had a couple dreams that  she could speak verbally. And that she chattered endlessly very much like how she actually does. I can now totally understand how Jonathan would have a hard time keeping up with her signing, I if he’s not like an extremely good signer plus just her traine of thought. I somehow doubt she’ll move states just based on what’s going on with her. But I give the people at the hospital a lot of credit for taking all her requests into consideration. And I’m happy that she’s very stable. She made complete sense in her own kinda way. She wasn’t talking about people hurting her or anything so that means she really does feel safe there.

So things are looking okish for the first time this week. We’ll just have to see. Will still keep an eye out for anyone else I could talk to. Still nothing from NAD so far but like I said at one point they must get so many requests like a million e-mails a day I bet it’s weeks and weeks before I would hear anything.


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