worried about how I’ll get new psychiatrist/ no Anna

Hey everyone,

So as I’ve been taking a break from active online Kat advocacy I’ve been worrying more and more about who I’ll get for a new psych doctor.

Dr. Fyazz has truly been amazing! For so many people at Albany, and all the other nursing homes and at Masonic. Masonic is amazing that’s clear even though I haven’t ever been there. Oh Kat keeps talking about all the food, wish I could go there just to eat LOL!

But really it’s such a shame she’s retiring. Because there are so few people to choose from. I guess they have a couple new doctors but I believe all go to St. Mary’s which is one of the worst hospitals around. And I am not seeing Gill again obviously!

Mr. J said that he had all month to do it. Well not for me! I’m gonna bug him endlessly til we figure it out. I don’t want to just be thrown with anyone.

For both Jess and I we both need very specific stuff. Not that we necessarily need the same doctor at all it just happened we landed with the one really good doctor in the place. But Jess has had her for years and years and they have a really good relationship. I like Dr. Fyazz a lot because she’s very good about meds not insisting you take a bunch, in fact she leans towards not raising/ changing meds unless totally necessary and not hospitalizing unless really needed as well.

She also has been great with both of us on cutting. And of course the hospital. So I think we both need that someone great with meds, understands/ will work with SI and goes to a good hospital.

It’s so hard to find all that on Medicaid! When I see Jonathan tomorrow it will be first on the list.

Lastly Anna never showed up. Maybe she thought our session was gonna be tomorrow instead of today I don’t know.



One thought on “worried about how I’ll get new psychiatrist/ no Anna

  1. its a worry having no psych doctor. I hope Jonathon will sort that out quickly. And hoping you get someone who goes to a good hospital! Wonder why anna never showed up, weird!.

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