my quick Anna session yesterday


So had to post about my Anna session. For people who are wondering she didn’t come because she was hospitalizing someone. When someone is being monitored I.E needs to be with a PRSC at all times or being hospitalized, again needs to be with a PRC at all times plus someone has to do a whole lot of paperwork, all planned activities go out the window. When I was the one stuck being monitored off and on for like six months I kept being like guys it’s ok. Go on your way, do your groups meetings whatever I’ll just go back to my room. They were like it’s ok I’m all yours right now. I was like oh no!!

So anyway I wasn’t upset about it. But I could tell she was so sorry about it and felt bad as it’s only been our second meeting.

But anyway so we talked. I won’t say she dismissed what I said. Because she’s very engaged and listening. But I feel like she has this rushed energy. Like I told her how tired I was and everything I’d been up to with advocating for Kat. And she was like ok what else did you do? I was like LOL in my head.

I do think it’s anxiety. It’s li So that was our talk. I told her stuff and she was kinda like ok need to hurry to the next thing basically.

And so I’m not sure her real reactions to what I’m saying, like if she weren’t in such a rush what she’d be actually thinking or why she seems under such pressure and if it’s with everyone or what.

And it’s really really weird because trust me she was not like this when I first met her! She spent like over an hour with me on that Saturday and was totally chillaxed.

Part of it was funny though. She said that she thought we should do our sessions going for walks like to the store or further instead of “just sitting and talking.” I have gone out with outher caseworkers on walks. They called it me taking them for a walk LOL! Obveously it’s good practice to be able to go out with my cane independently, well with them there, go to the store ETC. And as we already went on a walk I do trust her on it. But I’ve never heard anyone except the energizer bunny say walking is more valuable then sitting and talking.

She even said if I ever wanted to walk around the building with her to let her know! I don’t know if she meant using the cane which I can do it’s just crowds that give me trouble. But I was laughing to myself thinking about randomly wandering around the building for no reason.

I wasn’t about to remind her and it took her a minute to think out loud to herself about what it was that she was planning on asking me from last week. “Oh yeah! I remember I want to hear all about your history. All the stuff you’ve gotten past.” Sigh.

She had wanted to come back later, since it was near four and she had something to do, specifically to continue on this. As I posted yesterday I was totally exhausted. I would have been ok continuing the conversation since the first thing I was gonna do was establish that using words like “get past” and “get over” was quite insensitive. But I certainly didn’t want to dedicate a time that night to go and do it.

So we’ll pick up on Thursday.

I am gonna tell Mr. J that not that I’m complaining but Anna is sure very different from how she was that first day and it’s plain weird!


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