felt very drained today but better tonight

I felt very drained today. I think my period might be coming a couple days early oh joy!

Basically couldn’t even have the energy to read/ do computer stuff for part of the afternoon. Took two naps. My whole body feels like it’s making up for all those nights I was getting very little sleep and all the stress I’ve been under with MayAfter my second nap I felt a bit better. I was gonna go down for dinner but both Jess and I decided to order out. It would have been basically a fruit plate so nothing I would really eat. Plus I was so tired I was kinda emotional.

I felt a lot better once I took my bath. Then we had pizza even though the driver was like an hour late.

I feel much better and think I just needed major rest.

Of course today I spent time caring for my kids. Lexie and Allie ate baby food, serial for breakfast, turkey and pumpkin pie for lunch, and chicken and veggies for dinner and apple crisp for dessert. They played with their plastic blocks, rubber and plastic ducks, and plastic rings. Freya and Isa got bottles several times a day and mostly slept.

So I’m feeling relaxed tonight. Probably will just read tonight on kindle as I haven’t done that in awhile. Then tomorrow starts another week. More  May stuff. Though maybe I can not go so all out I don’t know. This is ridiculous. It’s wearing everyone out. Why can’t anyone, besides me, hospital social worker, Jonathan, people close to May, people with any common sense, see how truly crazy this is? I’m hoping for a breakthrough this week. I’m sending the Chicago Ombudsman an e-mail tonight. I did write Linda Peterson the author of Raising Five Kids with Disabilities and remaining sane, book and blog. She has a deaf daughter with severe mental illness. She lives in NH but I’m contacting anyone I can.

Part of me wants a breakthrough, needs one. But I’m also not expecting it either. So we’ll just have to see. ,


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