long stressful day

Hi everyone,

So had a long very stressful day.

There were a couple of good points. One was I got in touch with a woman who loves reborn and realcare dolls. I’m going to post her videos on another quick post I will do basically trying to summarize everything I said last night about accessibility and the dolls as it was so long. And to give more thoughts on how the dolls could be more realistic.

Bugt anyway it was nice to connect with her. I think I overwhelmed her with my Sammy excitement because she sent me to her FB group but that’s ok LOL!

She does a great job with her videos. And did say that she totally agrees about the value of these dolls for people with disabilities.

Then I contacted the Chicago Ombudsman. Hoping he can cover a wider area then the Evanston one, actually I know he can. Copied the social worker on it as I do all communications and he, the social worker said that I wrote a well constructed letter! It made me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Other than that I fed my babies late and they were not happy. The preschoolers didn’t get fed anything til like four. Freya got a bottle at like ten and I forgot Isa was even in here. But they still love me! They’re all laying on my bed playing with their toys. They have to share the one pacifier which is sad and probably not very hygienic.

Anyway the rest of today was not good at all. Got my period early ugh! At least it will have got going a bit before Wednesday which is when we’re going out to Jess’s school. But no wonder I’ve been extra super drained the last few days.

Next major stress. Apparently the admin office was paging me all last week and we never heard it. When you need to hear the pager you can’t. When it’s something stupid it’s full blast. But anyway found this out at lunch when I was already feeling like I couldn’t move and wanted to just sleep on the table like some residents actually do. Oh food sucked today by the way.

Anyway the minute this one woman who works in that office said I had to go in there I was like high anxiety practically crying because if you recall the last time I was called in it was when they didn’t realize for months I was off on my rent!

So got in there and was like crying when I got in. So apparently when you send a check to Albany it doesn’t actually go to them directly it goes to some cashing center place first. So it didn’t make it to the cashing center. I vaguely remember someone in that office asking me mid December that they couldn’t find my rent. So I sent them the confirmation that I paid it. And then heard nothing.

Needless to say I wasn’t prepared for someone being on the phone with them on speaker wanting my account number! Yeah like I have that floating around in my head! I was like could barely talk. Could barely say yes at one point. They were so upset that I was upset because I guess they felt bad. But them saying not to cry just made things worse because it gets my ptsd going and I generally wanted Jess to pick me up and carry me upstairs.

So they’re going to re-issue the check. I guess that means send out again though they’re not gonna charge me. It’s so weird because I guess once it gets to that cashing center they check the thing so it will go through on my account. Really strange she had the check for this month in her hand at least.

I just get really paranoid too because I think in 2015 or 2014 they started this thing where Albany has to be your payee and that’s it. So I’d have to sign over my rights to my check to them and then couldn’t have an bank account that I know of because at bank of America you need to have a certain amount of money per day or a certain amount per month. The other banks around here aren’t in MA. So it would be extremely hard for my family to send me money. But since I came in before 2015 or whenever I can still do it. But I get worried about any problems and they’ll just change it.

I did get an e-mail confirmation of whatever it was they did on the phone so sent that to them plus Jonathan.

I had an interrupted nap but at least I slept. Thank you housekeeping plus someone from the nursing office. When they came to get me for that I was sure they were gonna talk to me about what happened in admins! But it was them wanting to make a gyno appointment for me which I opted out of. But I did feel better I guess after my nap.

Lastly on one of the groups I run we had a little group discussion which I won’t go into but did not improve the day.

So yeah hoping tomorrow I’ll feel better and since my period started that it will be on its way out by the minute.


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