Temporary solution for my deaf friend have mixed feelings

Hey everyone,

So there’s been a breakthrough with my deaf friend. The social worker has really wanted her to get out of the hospital. He says it’s keeping her unable to try to do things like actually find a stable home ETC.

He did pull a lot of strings to manage what he has and it’s by no means ideal, in fact the opposite of what I and others originally felt she needs and at least I still do.

So as stated before no SMHRF/SNF will take her.

The group homes in programs are totally full. However at one of the places they’re basically gonna stick an extra bed in a room. For a temporary place. It would only be a week or two and she’d technically not be considered a resident as they can’t go over their numbers. But it would give her and her case manager time to do things. So the long term plan for the moment is to get her into a single room occupancy basically an efficiency apartment. They have a building in mind. It would be totally independent living with caseworker/ staff checking in I’m not sure how often.

She’d have outpatient medical care. And outpatient therapy and psychiatrist. She’d have her SSDI in her name to pay rent and other things.

The social worker at the hospital did wisely admit that it could go both ways. Go really well or go terrible. He said to keep “nudging” LOL these facilities or rather getting people to, as she might need to go to such a place in the future. Plus it’s the wider issue.

I mentioned my concerns about her taking her meds and especially the physical health issue. He said that she’s been discussing that at length and finding ways to cope. That she can’t use in the hospital. She says she thinks she’ll do well. She is very stable now.

I’m just very very concerned as the original plan was another facility. And the reasons were clear. This is the complete opposite of that. I’m also afraid of losing track of her/ her falling through the system. It’s very easy to get kicked out/ run away from a group home or have things go wrong in an apartment. She could much easier than at a facility end up on the streets.

People say it is what it is and that this does happen. But it kills me as she’s like my second best friend. I’m hoping that she will have a remote interpreting device both at the group home and at her apartment so I can communicate in depth with her. As well as possibly ask to have her sign a release so I can speak with her caseworker. I also plan to visit when she’s settled in. She hasn’t been on her own since 2011 and like I said this was not the plan at all. This is like the last thing they could think of after all the doors got shut in her face. I almost feel like these facilities won their stupid point on theoretical liability and she’s forced into an absolute last resort and to me a situation that has great potential to fall apart. I’m not saying she can’t do it. I’m saying that if she were at the level of being able to live independently they would have set that up for her here rather than trying to place her elsewhere. I am very relieved she will be out of the hospital as I know a huge problem was her feeling stuck there. However the hospital does provide a measure of safety that being on her own would not. She hasn’t spent the months or even year it would take another person to prepare emotionally/ mentally for moving out. So much will hang on her ability to utilize the resources available and her ability to make good choices is compromised by no fault of her own when her symptoms become more active. Which is why she wasn’t put on track for independent living.

As I said before feel like everyone who denied her services won as in the professionals and she were forced into a last resort situation that is not really matching the level of care she needs at all. The fight is not over.


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