working on editing most of the day

Hey everyone,

So have been editing away on this blog. I wish there were a find and replace feature so that you could change one word to another across all posts. As I’m replacing my friend’s name with a fictional name I never realized how often I used her name! Also have taken out other identifying details. Will be glad when this is done and I know it’s good practice for me not to put out such information in the future.

Other than that not much went on. Very hungry wish I had money for snacks. We thought my family would send a package with food and stuff a couple weeks back so when we went to Walmart we only bought one snack. So yeah just hoping we can get that straightened out soon.

I’m planning to take Jess to her intake appointment Wednesday. Staff here seemed to not work on getting transportation ready so I can take her on the van. Will just be extremely tired as the appointment is at nine AM. It’s just a relief to know she is seeing someone. Just hope it will be a type of therapy that will work for her. Just plain talk therapy can be really hard and I feel creative arts therapy of some kind could help her access emotions and then talk about them. I know nothing about the behavioral health program at the hospital and wish I could look up all staff. Hate seeing anyone have to be matched up with someone and not know about them beforehand.

We’ll just have to see.


4 thoughts on “working on editing most of the day

  1. I thought you were using her nickname and not her full name? Nicknames are fine, like Bobbie or Robbie in place of Robert or whatever. I wish had this feature too! But none of the blogs have this feature, blogger, ETC.

    • I am using her nickname but people feel I should come up with something totally unrelated. For others like you I have permission to use your names.

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