good day today and seeing Jonathan and Fyazz tomorrow

So today I finally had a relaxing day.

Got to just hang out. Didn’t go to lunch because Jess came back later than we thought from her care plan it would have been wicked crowded down there. We ate the snacks we got yesterday from the gift shop. Not healthy I know but whatever.

The best part of the day was getting Judi Harrison’s gift. Her signing bunny! I’m naming it Judi of course.

When I get to see one of her new dolls I’ll name that one Kat. The fingers really do move and can stay in position good for a doll. We happened to see Jonathan in the lobby. He loved Judi too of course being the main signer in the building. Told him about May’s temporary new home and he was very happy to hear this. We have a new PRSC Rita. I guess she’s wanting to be a psychiatrist. He thinks I’ll like her. Of course it’s hard with new people to really know. So we only have one spot open right now. He’s really wanting a guy. I assume Joel the music therapist didn’t work out due to money. The dance therapist I was excited about declined the job at this time. But we’ll keep his info.

So we’ll keep looking. Way more women than men in this field. Wish we could have former case workers like this really nice guy Randy. Like a big teddy bear!

Anyway he’s finally able to see me tomorrow morning at ten thirty. Which will mean a shorter morning nap but will be worth it. Now that I’m having my meeting I’m like not even sure what to say. Wish we could have met Tuesday when I was an emotional nonstop crying mess. We found out tonight that I’m on the list to see Dr. Fyazz. I’m glad she’s able to see me and probably everyone before she leaves. I wonder if she’d give any kind of recommendation. Wanting Jonathan to come to this appointment and maybe we could sit down and work it out. Would love to go to Masonic as an outpatient and see someone over there if possible. Not just the “Masonic spa unit” LOL, but they just seem to have really good doctors coming out of there. Considering Mohajur our other Masonic guy who retired a couple years back was also very very good. We’ll have to see.

So hopefully that can be coordinated. It will be kind of going full circle as at our first meeting Mr. J was there too to talk with her about my unique care plan. Really only had like a few incidents of cutting and no hospitalizations since working with her. Just the crisis center stupid thing. Anna was gonna go with me to see Fyazz perhaps she even put me on the list. But I think she had to switch up her hours as she said she’ll be on the evening shift. Am really happy to be seeing her and saying goodbye. I feel so bad for people like Jess who have seen her for five years or longer to just have to go and change people.

Psychiatrist is so important around here. They have the final say about everything med wise, hospitalization wise just everything. You have a bad one that goes to a bad unit you’re screwed!

I won

‘t feel comfortable until this is settled obviously. It would be great to go a way towards that tomorrow.

Other than that just hanging out. Still needing a lot of chillax time what with how everything’s caught up with me.

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