My signing Bunny from Signing works!

So like I said in my last post the best part of my day was getting my signing bunny from Signing works, an awesome project started by Judi Harrison and her family from CA.

I just got her today, I’m naming her Judi of course, and haven’t had anyone sit with me and make it sign much except Jonathan had it sign the letter f and said if you move it up and down it’s French fries (go figure him and food) and we did I Love You on the video as you can see.

But anyway she’s very cuddly and well made and just totally cute! And I can’t wait to work with her more and hope it helps me as all the tactile feedback a blind/ deafblind person can get is essential.

Here is her site

That is a news article.

Here is her actual site which will be updated sometime soon with a new line of dolls with multiple skin colors!

To contact send e-mail to: signingworks

Judi’s goal is to get a signing bunny/ doll to every deaf, deafblind, or otherwise disabled child who could benefit from learning sign in this playful way. Hoping this post can help spread the word on this and get those interested in the cause to connect with Judi. She is so giving and compassionate.


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