Results of changing psychiatrist friday plus quiet weekend

Hi everyone,

Sorry I didn’t write since Thursday. Figured as I had such a quiet weekend I’d just wait til today to write about everything.

So Friday was productive. I did get to see Mr. J. He was getting what I think is a pretty bad cold but he says he’s fine. But towards the end of the session said he felt like he had a fever/ was light headed. I was like oh no go home!

I think he did in the afternoon.

So he was kinda zoned out but I just talked his ear off like always and I think he was like half listening LOL! We did figure out a new psychiatrist. I’m still very hung up/ obsessed/ anxious over losing Masonic as a unit. First of all really wish I had gotten to go there! I’m tellin you it sounded more and more like the spa every day someone I knew was in. Plus wanted to hug my deaf friend’s social worker for everything he did.

But apparently the psychiatrists there only work out of the hospital and so don’t work with people in nursing homes. So that stopped my endless questions and trying to figure out how to get someone over there. Mr. J said that if it’s between a bad doctor and a bad hospital you always want a good doctor. If you have a really good doctor your chances of ending up in their bad hospital, he says, are slim to none.

I don’t agree with this primarily because I saw it in Jess and I’m sure others. Where we bothhad an e excellent doctor who managed meds wonderfully, didn’t like to hospitalize yet Jess had several hospitalizations in the three years we’ve lived together. And often around here, just for safety’s sake huge med changes are done in the hospital. Which I do agree with and it makes sense to me why they would. Which is why I think it’s critical that all units are decent. As I’ve outlined meaning friendly/ compassionate staff, actual groups, and people who don’t treat you terribly. Oh and no rats! We had a pet rat at thoreck. Showed up every night at around snack time. All the staff tried to keep his appearance on the down low and brush off people’s concerns but still ahhh!

So I’m not convinced that somewhere down the line Jess won’t need a hospitalization for med adjustment if nothing else, and will be sent to what I consider to be very bad units. St. Mary’s and Lakeshore. Though Mr. J said that Lakeshore is hated by staff for their slowness with paperwork, but residents seemed to like it. Have heard otherwise from different people. But St. Mary’s I’ve heard only bad things about, bad or neutral. Mr. J even said that it’s a placew where people don’t mind it if they’re like drugged up but if you want like actual groups or anything then no. He basically was trying to say I’m too observant for them. That a lot of the things I noticed and hated, like total lack of activity, others wouldn’t notice.

So anyway we went back and forth about that. I swear his cold is why he ever said St. Mary’s isn’t that bad. So we agreed on a woman named Dr. Shephali A. Patel He and other staff say she listens, she’s older kinda like Fyazz in nature. That the transition from Fyazz to her won’t be that difficult. I didn’t really bond with Fyazz. The most engaged she got over anything to do with me was hearing about me taking Jess on paratransit. She assumed we were doing some kinda fraud because the trips weren’t technically mine. Other than that she was neutral which is fine. Understood about the cutting enough to be ok with our care plan I.E when to not hospitalize.

She goes to Norwegian, Methodist and St. Mary’s. I was like ok we’ll just pretend she doesn’t go to that last place! Anna told me Friday night that in all the time she’s hospitalized with her she has never had them send to St. Mary’s. It’s usually been Methodist. That and Norwegian she says are such small hospitals she didn’t even know they were hospitals. She thought Norwegian was a garden because it’s so close to one. But anyway. I’m ok with this. I did go to Methodist for the gyno did not like the area if you remember. They also have a unit for developmental disabilities and I kinda wonder if I’d be stuck on that one because I’m blind. Or like Norwegian I think has an elderly person’s unit and I’ve heard once of a blind friend being put there because they thought it was “safer” But it’s better than St. Mary’s.

For all my talk of the Masonic spa, I know my chances of being hospitalized are probably very small. I am concerned about Jess who I strongly feel does actually very much benefit from her hospitalizations. Not only for the med adjustments but it seems like the staff are welcoming and really good to her plus the groups and just being in a calmer environment. So I don’t think it’s just something to be ignored or just hope she doesn’t get hospitalized. I realize there aren’t a lot of choices at all. She is going to be going to St. Frances to their psychiatrist intake thing. Jonathan isn’t sure where they admit to, as sadly they don’t have a unit at their hospital. If it’s St. Jos that would be amazing that’s where I was first ever hospitalized. If it’s St. Mary’s then we’ve just gone in a big frustrating circle so it doesn’t matter which one she picks from she’d still have the bad hospital to contend with. Which I feel is wrong. I feel all units especially a place like St. Mary’s with several units and a common place to send people, should be empowering truly compassionate places like Masonic and St. Jos.

So anyway I’m happy enough with my choice still very concerned about how Jess will do. I think it’s just way too much change for her. She’ll be seeing Maggie her therapist for a second intake/ first actual therapy session. Anyway got to say goodbye to Fyazz. I said good luck and she actually said she could use it. I think she’s sad about scaling everything back, no more hospital or nursing homes just a very small clinic.

Saw Anna Friday night. It was another good session. She wasn’t able to look up cat shelter stuff because her water heater broke and then she had a day off. She loved Judi the signing doll. It was over all a nice chat. I’m glad she’s less high speed.

This weekend has felt like one big nap. I’ve taken two naps a day the past couple days something Jess gets on me about usually. But she knows when I do really need it and she thinks and I agree, that I’m still catching up sleep wise from that creative high plus the stress of this past week. So didn’t do a whole lot. Mostly facebook. Finished another audio book which I’ll review shortly. Basically that’s about it. Have to catch up even on some volunteer stuff. I still love the volunteering I’ve just either forgotten about when I need to start or have slept through it. So yeah. Well that’s about it. Not much else to say about the weekend. Or coming week. I don’t think we need to go out anywhere but I will take Jess to therapy if she needs it. Hopefully transportation will be set up soon.


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