Signing time and Judi and me


So I really like this ASL facebook group. It’s just called American sign language. It’s not perfect. The people in IL live in the west suburbs. But the best thing about it is that they’re open to having a blind hearing person there.

They recommended signing time videos. I briefly looked at them months ago. But then somehow we just didn’t continue with it as Jess and I at the time were using so many different sites.

But I appreciate the recommendation. And there are clips off youtube. It’s very musical and fun!

What I was so impressed by was that this whole now very popular learning system was started by Rachel Colman who had a deaf daughter, in an attempt to get more people to interact with Leah. And it just gotmore and more popular and now so many parents are using it. So she really connected a whole huge community of deaf and hearing people children and adults through her fun and simple teaching style. I love how it has been inspired and is always driven by her family’s own story

Here is an article about it.

There are clips on youtube. Will show one here

I plan to look more into this, and maybe even personally write Rachel/ others who have produced this amazing system for all ages.

Judi the bunny is doing good. Jess and I practiced the alphabet and a few other signs. Mom, Dad, sister, Cat, stop, good, bad, yes, no.

I love how flexible Judi’s fingers are. As we continue to work with her I will write Judi the person, to give helpful feedback.

Am loving this. It might seem like much but I am very limited with resources I can use to learn so anything helps.


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