Sammy’s Signing time: Signing time with Sammy and Judi!

Hey everyone,

So I believe I posted a little while ago about how I’ve really been taken with Rachel Coleman and Signing Time.

I will post about this amazing presentation she gave which is on youtube that explains everything as does her site and blog. But she really broke a lot of ground in teaching ASL to babies children and adults, basically anyone. All due to her daughter being deaf and also having another disabled daughter who uses sign and speech to communicate.

She’s also an amazing singer and song writer. Her videos are extremely fun and helpful and she explains things patiently.

Anyway so I made a video.

Here it is

I’m signing the stuff I know how to sign. (sign, time, nice to meet you and today) are words I learned off her videos recently. Other stuff I knew before from working with Edith Robert and Jess

I love Judi from Judi Harrison and she’ll be a part of all my Sammy signing time videos.

As well as Isa, Freya, Lexie, and Alie. It’s a wonder I get anything done with all these kids to take care of.

I also love this facebook group I found called American Sign language. They’re totally one hundred percent accepting of a hearing blind person doing this which is huge.

Here’s the link. It’s a very welcoming place

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