good week

I’m not sure when I last wrote about my daily life.

Not much happening day to day so I think better to just do a quick summary of the week.

Not a whole lot went on. The best thing was Jess venturing out on the bus to therapy. And nothing bad happened. She went had her session, the last of the intake sessions, and came back home ok. She was a little sore and said it was cold but not too bad.

Now we know that her caseworker and Jonathan had everything mixed up about insurance transportation and behavioral health appointments. She could, and by rights should have medical transportation even if it is ten minutes away. But if it’s ok then maybe it will do her good. But it should be completely up to her. I feel case workers, or any other professionals, other people in general are free to give advice and thoughts. But it should always be the person’s choice whether they follow it. Unless of course the person is required to have services, like medication, court ordered legally unable to make certain choices, in prison things like that.

But in this case I feel there’s no escuse for the kind of ordering around and inability to compromise that’s going on in this situation. At least Jess has the right info now. And I’m so proud of her for what she did this week.

Had another good Anna session last night. She spent the time either stretched out on the floor or pacing around tossing a stress ball in the air and catching it. I guess she’s as restless as Jonathan. Anyway we had a good talk. I told her about how the next time we meet mr. J and I are gonna revisit the topic of my parents and the elusive visit. I told her about all the ins and outs and she was pretty surprised when she asked if I thought this would happen this year and I said I think that every year!

But she was supportive on it and seemed to want to do anything she could to help. I complimented her on her ability to be genuine and learn from mistakes. She’s very much like Edith in that way.

We talked about cat shelter stuff. She said that with all the other honestly more important work she has to do she hasn’t really found the time but will work on it. She said that Methodist, the program Jess went to awhile back sent in a new packet on what they offer. I said I’d think about it, and how I felt about the other programs I’ve been to. Just way too much worksheets not enough process oriented creative stuff. She mentioned hearing good things about St. Jo’s program. I agreed I had been very impressed with them, when I was hospitalized.

So she said she’d look into something for me. Especially if they have an afternoon session that would be ideal as I’d be most awake.

It was a very good meeting as all of them have been.

Lastly am continuing to do the audio book advocacy. Contacting authors, or looking up publishers.Robbie and I are keeping a contacts file as we do with all things like this. It will be very interesting to understand the complex world of publishing. I’m thrilled that the head of the audio book association agreed to talk with us on skype! I know Robert will be there, I’m just not sure about stuff like when we need to go to Jess’s school and so don’t know a good time. But maybe I could be there too. With all our questions I’m sure we’ll learn a lot about how to approach things.

I’m pretty certain it’s not such an unreachable goal to have every book that’s in paperback or ebook (especially our favorites first LOL) to be in audio. It’s already happening with so many newly published books. So this is a very exciting project.

Not much going on this weekend. Volunteering on Saturday. Watching the animal planet puppy bowl on Sunday with the kitty halftime show!


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