bed bug crisis

It’s been a really hard few days!

Putting trigger warning for bugs/ bed bugs/ people getting their stuff misplaced/ handled by others

So Sunday night first of all I was very weak with no snacks and bad food here I was so weak I fell asleep at eight PM only waking up once at eleven to brush my teeth and then slept til five or so.

When a staff and lab tech came for a blood draw. Yes they come that early!

Anyway the nursing assistant got quite a scare when they turned on the light and saw a little bug crawling quickly I guess, on my pillow! Apparently at first the tech wouldn’t touch it, and she’s yelling Come On man you deal with blood all day don’ let me down!

So I got my blood drawn. But was terrified of this bug stuff. I just sat there for two hours.

I was supposed to see my new psychiatrist Monday but it ended up with such an emotional chaotic mess we rescheduled for next week.

Long story short. We, Jess and I, our room had bed bugs. Neither of us have ever dealt with this. But it’s been all over the building in many rooms. So many people bring in stuff from thrift stores or salvation army that hasn’t been cleaned properly. So I was just a mess. I hated the thought of people packing up my stuff and doing stuff to it and me not knowing. I had heard a rumor, and know know it was just that, that when you get these bugs like everything gets thrown out. But thankfully it’s not the case.

I was also very worried about what temporary room they would put me in. The only person I feel comfortable with here is Jess. I couldn’t imagine being thrown in with two or three other women I didn’t know while going through this. I had taken an ativan that morning. But it took like two hours to kick in. I basically stayed on Jess’s bed repeating my anxieties and tears for hours.

Mid afternoon suddenly they decided I must have a shower. I took a bath last night but I had to have a shower. Which was stupid because the soap they have in the shower believe it or not is literally the hand soap they have in public restrooms. And they expect you to use that for shampoo. I had to do this for my first few weeks here and it wasn’t a good reminder.

So anyway. I really wish I had been able to help pack up my stuff. How it worked was my electronic stuff, computer, braillenotes, player ETC had to stay in the room which would be generally covered in bug killing chemicals

Other things, clothes stuffed animals ETC were packed up and cleaned somewhere else thoroughly with a bunch of things including steamed. My mom steams at her consignment shop. I thought of her.

Somehow by five that night someone was able to get me my ipod. Guess that was pretty easy to clean. It turned out that I could be in Jess’s room. The first time we’ve been able to sleep in the same room since she came home from the hospital. As far as observation rooms go it’s really not that bad at all. The other roommates talk to themselves. When they get loud if you nicely say please quiet down they lower the volume on their conversation with the air. No one has the TV on at all hours which is good. I actually got good sleep.

Yesterday was more of the same. Takes a few days to get the physical room ready and then all the stuff. Jonathan said that I did a good job handling it. I hated having cried inconsolably for a whole day plus even thinking about certain issues, I.E my stuff.

Anyway Mr. J felt it was a perfect time to clean up the closet which he does call a dangerous mound LOL. He also said that he’d have nursing assistants to help us change the beds more often which we don’t honestly. But will certainly start doing if that was part of how this happened. He said you could drive yourself crazy figuring out exactly what happened. They get in here through people getting stuff that isn’t cleaned basically.

So anyway we agreed to have Anna and I and Jess sort through stuff. Jonathan said he’d give us bins for cords, stuffed animals, Jess’s stuff ETC.

We weren’t sure how long it would be that I was out of the room. But today the person who had been at the hospital needed the bed. So I was briskly moved back here. It does smell weird in here. And Jess and I spent a good forty minutes or more wiping down all the surfaces and tech items, very gently, with soapy water to get the powder off. Clearly housekeeping didn’t do that. I was worried about the smell but now this time of night it’s clearing up a little.

So I do have: Clean clothes, thanks to Jess having done laundry and kept the clothes up there. A made up (with blankets from Jess including a favorite quilt and her sheets) bed with no bugs! I have all my computer and electronics stuff. And that’s about it. The room feels bare and so much anxiety around my stuff not being right there. Now it’s waiting in the basement to be sorted. Just brings back all the trauma of the time I was hospitalized and a huge bag of my stuff including, backpack, wallet, slippers, sheets ETC was just gone. Albany paid of course but the emotional damage was the worst. Poor Jess couldn’t go to therapy today because they couldn’t find her coat. Though they only looked quickly in the bags. That coat also has a huge part of our baby family, basically the inner circle and that’s their bed. I’m so upset just thinking about losing my stufties and dolls! She also needs to find two school books. We’re hoping we can find everything. It got too late in the day tonight by the time they’d decide I was coming back here. Took forever to get ahold of maintaince and just ya know typical slow communication.

But tomorrow a PRSC will help us sort. And I’m really hoping like I said that they’re there.

I’ve had some bad stomach issues the past couple days I think due to stress so that hasn’t been fun. But on the positive health front interestingly enough since being out of this room I haven’t been itching at all! We may have found the culprit for the mystery spots!

I’m glad to be back online will take forever to check e-mail so be patient. More concerned with sorting stuff and feeling at home again.


2 thoughts on “bed bug crisis

  1. Holy cow! I would be really freaking out! At least my housekeeper here is named Rose, and she does an amazing job cleaning my place. amazing! I hate bugs of any kind. hate them! Yuck! Glad everything is back to somewhat normal

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