feeling a little more like home

Today we got a lot accomplished. There was the usual amount of staff miscommunication about when stuff would be brought up, and who would be around to help sort out stuff since the plan was reorganization.

Jess wrote a lengthy and convincing text to Jonathan and all of a sudden mid afternoon we had people bringing up stuff.

We found the most important stuff: Jess’s coat and school books! And pads for me, my peppermint lotion. Jess’s very important documents. Like a whole lot of books she has, a lot are being put down in storage. We’re putting a lot in storage actually and trying to minimize things.

Next is getting clothes and my bedding and stufties and babies! Up here.

Found one of Freya’s booties and it smelled terrible so hopefully we can wash it somehow it’s knitted. And found the zipped bag of doll care stuff. Except for bottle and paci which if we’re missing that and that’s it that’s pretty good.

The babies and animals will need major therapy and probably meds to deal with the trauma!

I’m relieved things are getting back to normal. There must still be stress in me, or a virus because I had some stomach issues again today. Since Sunday when I had two fruit plates it just totally threw my stomach off. If you think about it it’s basically only pineapple and jello and ice cream, that I always get, for lunch and dinner! Then there was the huge issues Monday Tuesday and yesterday.

So yeah have noticed I do have a very sensitive stomach since living here. I know due to the food and maybe psych med long term use I don’t know. But it’s not fun when there are bathroom issues and stuff.

Jess will get me some Gatorade and crackers tomorrow and I think when we go to walmart that’s the kinda stuff we’re gonna focus on buying. It would be awesome if we could have a small fridge in here to put stuff like Gatorade, apple sauce ETC like I did at school. But even at school when I skipped meals like crazy I never had these issues. Jess says it’s because she got me into a routine of three good meals, well as good as we have here which often isn’t good, a day.

Diet stuff is so hard around here. I don’t know how people with diagnosed stomach conditions, IBS, or any kind of food sensitivitys or other things get by.

So yeah hoping that will settle itself down soon. It has improved since say Tuesday so yeah. Status update: appears to have decided to not settle down just yet ugh!

Over all the biggest relief is no itching! More and more we’re thinking I’ve been dealing with bed bug bites since the beginning of October. And the gallons of hydro cortozone and permint lotion only served to try to keep the itching under control which it just barely did. But now no itching at all. Not since I was in the other room. And as Jess’s area happened to be hit hardest there was something to be said for her saying I must be allergic to her because when she was at the hospital my spots were less. I didn’t really notice this because it felt like they were pretty bad all the time. I really was thinking this was something I might just have to live with forever, or at least until I could see a doctor who had a clue and could listen.

So yeah things are looking up.


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