finally caught up on e-mail and more sorting

Hi everyone,

So today was very productive! Anna came up again and brought more stuff for us to sort. Was happy to find Lexie and my underwear LOL!

We’re still looking for some things but in general things are back. Staff will wash all the bedding to make sure the chemicals are all out of everything and it smells ok.

You can smell the chemical smell on the stuffed animals and clothes.

Anyway I was happy with the progress. And even more happy that it forced Jess to seriously clean up her stuff that was sitting in the closet. Now that it will be cleaned out I plan to have a little sensory/ calm down area for myself in there with a beanbag, soft throw rug and some other things. My dolls and toys and stuff.

So anyway yeah happy with that. Still anxious and I think Jess and I will both be for some time about whether in fact everything is killed and if they’ll return. Every time I have the slightest itch I start to freak out.

A friend from a group I’m in online said that the bugs are extremely hard to completely get rid of. And chemical treatment doesn’t do anything. They were worried my facility was taking the least expensive route by doing it how they do and by not seriously solving it completely the bugs continue to spread.

I don’t believe that admins would take the easy way out as janitors, nursing admin ETC take it so seriously. It’s just you have over three hundred people many bringing in disgusting stuff from dumpsters. I and others do wish they could somehow go floor by floor and treat everything. But that would mean moving people around a lot and lead to chaos. It’s so hard to manage in a building of this size and the population we’re dealing with.

But that has gotten me even more anxious. And now I feel I have to ask about whether they did the heat treatment that was suggested or not. This person said the bugs borrow into furniture and even outlets and so can resurface at any time.

So yeah causing a ton of anxiety on my end.

Will talk with Anna, Jonathan and maintaince/ housekeeping about it too.

Other than that going through e-mail literally took all day. On a couple e-mail lists where I may or may not come upon something worth getting and so stay. On another mental health disorder specific list where I’m a supporter and don’t have the disorder. They get a lot of e-mail! There must have been hundreds from this week that I’ve been off line. May go to no mail on this list we’ll see.

Anyway over all things are good. Talked to my mom. She laughed at me because when I talked with her the ativan was really kicking in so I was kinda zoned. I swear I told her more about the situation as it developed and stuff but I didn’t and it was just funny she said I was in la la land.

I expect more sorting tomorrow and finishing things up.

Now can focus on stuff like Robbie and I doing projects and just normal things.

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