finally a relaxing sunday seeing new psychiatrist tomorrow

So it’s safe to say that we’re pretty well settled back in the room. All the important things have been located and are clean. Today was able to get all of my own bedding again though I loved Jess’s quilt I had been using!

So yeah it’s sure a relief to have everything back in here. That said, it was a really scary almost traumatic situation everything happening at once, not knowing any idea of how long the bugs were actually there! Which does make me anxious about whether they might still be there. As an online friend who is no expert did say her family dealt with it once and they had the recommended heat treatment (heating the room to like 170 degrees!) but the bugs ended up coming back out of the outlets! She said chemicals don’t really work and how imposible they are to totally get rid of.

Which was not what I wanted/ needed to hear. I will talk with Jonathan about this this week. My friend clearly stated they don’t know the process here for getting rid of them or how invested they are to do it. But was worried they were putting an easy solution in place rather than spending money. Which I totally disagree with. They’re really thorough. I think the reason the bugs keep coming in is people bring in clothes stuffed animals ETC that have them plus dig in the trash at time. Plus there are those with terrible hygene issues.

So anyway Jess and I will probably be keeping a close watch on everything in our room and on our skin, especially mine. I still find it really strange that she had no bites at all yet her area was hit the worst out of the room. So every little itch I freak out on.

It is a huge relief to have the mystery solved four months later. I was totally resigned to just treating the itching and hoping for improvement day by day. The first thing staff did was do a bug check. But couldn’t find anything that’s the other thing they are almost imposible to see without a magnifying glass!

So anyway I’m happy to be settling back down. Doing e-mail connecting with Robbie playing with my dolls ETC.

As the appointment with my new psychiatrist Dr. Patel was canceled in the frenzy of Monday I’m on the list to see her tomorrow. She comes at like eight in the morning. Wish she came later like at least eleven but these psych doctors go to hospitals too plus probably other facilities.

So yeah will be very interested to see what her personality is like. And also do a Dr. appointment with Anna by my side. She seems confident in Dr. appointments so I’ve heard. From her actually. She really wants to advocate for residents medical care as someone who knows the person day to day.

She and I were talking and she actually said she hates my medical doctor. I said I do too and though I’m incredibly healthy when I do have any issue come up, and because of my anxiety any issue feels major for me, I don’t want to even bother with him. Which is why I didn’t pursue looking into the skin spots. And by the time I told nursing admins about my stomach issues on Friday they were planning on having my nurse call him. I was very skeptical and really did not want him involved! Which is not the kind of relationship anyone should have with their doctor. But with Medicaid you get what you get. And as I often say for all this place can get on my nerves, if I were just living somewhere in Chicago trying to access these services it would not go well.

It’s nice as well to not be too anxious at all about addressing the cutting stuff and unique care plan as we haven’t had to use it in a year! Last SI incident was November 10 2015. Found the exact date months back so I could keep it in mind because I’m just like that. It’s never been for me about counting days or saying OMG this is *the *day! Where my life changed and I’m SI free. And if I have a relapse guess I have to start at day one. For me and others recovery just doesn’t work like that.

Though I’ve gone so long without an issue, it doesn’t mean by any means I won’t have one. Therefore it’s important for everyone most especially the psychiatrist to realize the facility’s position and when to hospitalize or not. I somehow doubt that Jonathan will be here at seven thirty when the doctor comes in. But am confident Anna and I can handle it, and that he can follow up with his take on things.

I totally trust Mr. J who highly recommended Patel. He’s confident she won’t change my meds unless I told her to of course and is a good listener. Not a hospitalization eager person either which is nice.

So yeah am very happy with the end to this weekend. Hoping this is the last we’ll see of bed bugs ever!


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