Great day Dad birthday skype call

So today was a good Wednesday.

It is my Dad’s birthday so happy birthday yay!

After some technical difficulties on my end we got to skype for a good forty minutes or so! Krissy was at school and so we skyped from Ma Maine and IL. Cool to talk over three states at once! At first I was confused and thought Krissy was home with them. She has a horrible cold though.

We had a great time. Mom was thrilled to see “her two girls together” and took a few pictures.

Krissy signed with me, I guess really in sync LOL happy birthday and she made me fingerspell it LOL!

So yeah I have a signing buddy in her.

My dad cut cake and cut two pieces for us both which he said he would eat for us! We sang happy birthday and I pretended to blow out the candles LOL!

Other than that. Was productive around writing people around audio book things. Am still working to connect with anything MA mental health consumer related. So we’ll see on that.

Lastly shout out to my big sister! Am very proud of her as she had her first therapy session today and liked it! Yay for the first step to healing in therapy.

Other than that not much else to report.


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