awesome day: Jess back in our room and good anna session about nutrition posible autistic traits, researching MA mental health

I had a great surprise after morning nap. Jess and her caseworker coming in with all her stuff saying she[‘s home for good!

As unexpected as it had been that they were gonna keep her for months. I guess she’s shown staff to the best of her ability that she can be ok in this room. Hoping for this to continue as she now has a good therapist it seems like.

Anna session was great.

We talked about food and about my turning white,/ being weak and blood sugar and stuff. She said she had the same problem and changed her diet.

I did say Edith and I went over this. Talked about the rasens and peanuts and how Jess had to throw out a bunch. She suggested smaller size stuff granola bars, and stuff like that.

I guess I’ll do some research on this and try again with her support. I said how I so wished that she could run a nutrition group as she seems so eager and passionate about the subject. She also said she’d love to have a greenhouse and do some garden therapy.

I mentioned sensory rooms and she said she’d done that with great results with the autistic kids she previously worked with.

I said how a few people thought I might be on the spectrum but couldn’t articulate/ remember what they had to say. I do have the atypical autism thing and I have a lot of them but certainly not all. She as others do, blame the stimming on my being blind.

She said everyone’s a little autistic.

Not sure how I feel about that statement. I know it would be quite hurtful to someone who is autistic and clear on it.

Don’t know if there’s anything to be gained from continuing a conversation on the subject. With her or any professionals or trying to get diagnosed.

Something I keep going back to.

Oh also did some work with contacting mental health people in MA. Really want to get a sense of the services available to Jess and I should we want to move.

Had bad luck there. I totally didn’t realize til later that contacting them on FB was not a good idea due to privacy.

The most interesting person I spoke with was a mental health advocate. Says they help with people knowing their rights, working with families and children and basically anyone to help navigate the crazy mental health system. Well she charges. Which makes sense. But her rates: $150for the first half hour. 400 for next three hours and 150 for every hour after that.

You can see a therapist for way cheaper. She’s working with people who likely are in real financial loss. Her services could very well be more expensive than what she’s helping them connect to.

I’m sure she has a good reason for her prices but it was still a shock.

Finally I did stumble on some peer organizations that might be more helpful.

Well talk to you later. Very good day for me.


2 thoughts on “awesome day: Jess back in our room and good anna session about nutrition posible autistic traits, researching MA mental health

    • Yes I find the phraise we’re all a little autistic very insulting to people who are autistic! Not including myself in that group yet but can feel their pain on hearing it! And she said we’re all a little mentally ill which I also think is wrong to say and insulting. And she worked with autistic kids! I wish she would start the groups she was thinking of but said that Jonathan would see it as her not having enough work to do and so would give her more work. Very confusing.

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