long day wasted trip out

So today was kinda long and disappointing. Jess had a test to take at her school. Don’t know if it’s due to being Friday but things got all scfrewed up. The person helping with the online tests couldn’t get in for her to take it. The program was saying the time for the test was expired even though she’d written her teacher who agreed she could take it that day. The teacher has no voicemail so she and testing center woman e-mailed multiple times. No luck.

I felt soo bad for Jess to come out there thinking she’d get it done and now to have this happen and add more stress.

On a practical level we sadly wasted a paratransit trip out.

The good news we did get some fresh air and time in a quiet smoke free environment. And we’re both relaxing now. I was happy with how well she took the disappointment. I’ll still worry about her though.

One thought on “long day wasted trip out

  1. Yes, well, that test has been rescheduled. Don’t like having to take an unscheduled trip out, but it’ll be worth it. Can’t wait until I am a bit more experienced on the public transportation as well as having access to a particular ride myself.

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