still sick but doing a little better long term plan thoughts

I hate having a cold! I don’t remember the last time I had one. It’s worst in the morning and at night. This afternoon I was kinda restless couldn’t take an afternoon nap which hasn’t happened in the past few days. I also talked Jess’s ear off for a good forty minutes which is a sure sign I’m getting better!

Still not perfect stuffy and stuff. But ok.

Will be taking Jess to school for our take two of that test. Things better be ready this time!

Other than that not much else going on. Doing a lot of thinking and research about long term plans for Jess and I. Thank you to the people who have talked with me and will support whatever goes on. Like any huge life transition, especially a planned one it will take time and lots of back and forth and who knows what the outcome will be. The last planned transition was going to Chicago. I don’t consider coming to Albany planned though I did decide myself and wouldn’t let them take me back to Friedman.

In any case am looking forward to talking with Jonathan about things and getting his special brand of Jonathan research going. As he has so much to do by the time I keep reminding him to call people it will be closer to the time where we’re more ready to do visits and things like that.

I did confirm with my mom on the phone today that when I was at Friedman getting $90 a month I hardly asked for money. A huge part of this was way better food and snacks. Another was just having that much more money. I hate only $30 a month. The biggest issue with that in this whole thing is honestly dealing with the food day to day and my weird metabolism/ stomach. If I didn’t get so weak it wouldn’t matter. In college I skipped meals so often and often didn’t eat much at home when just not hungry. Now I can’t afford to not eat a good two meals a day. Two because breakfast is always good with my oatmeal which I also do have to buy!

So that’s a huge plus to going to Gateway having that much more money. Especially to maybe save to do things like visit family easier, if we could actually help pay for the flights that might help. Or go to another state if needed.

I like doing initial research on anything related to this subject as everyone knows! So this is actually good for me whether anything comes out of it or not.

As I said in a past blog if anyone is from MA, or actually lives at Gateway, or getting mental health services in Peoria I would really like feedback.

Will be interesting to go out tomorrow with my cold still there. Hopefully morning nap will refresh me enough to be doing ok going out there and maybe fresh air will help.


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