busy day: Going to Jess’s school, long ride home, and other things

So today was a very busy day. First time I’ve been out since I got this cold.

Jess was fine with going on public transportation though it would be a new route for her because she wanted me to rest. But I firmly insisted on taking her. She seems to be ok with the bus ride to therapy but don’t want to push things.

Being at the school was great. During the bed bug crisis Mr. J gave me these super expensive headphones! They like cut down on half the noise in a room which is awesome to begin with. So I got to listen to a book on my player and have half the noise in the crowded room with people doing testing and tutoring and stuff cut down.

The worst part of it was going home. We left at three thirty after sitting outside for some fresh air much needed. We didn’t get home til quarter of five. I guess I haven’t been doing paratransit much as I’m totally not used to the long rides. Jess claimed that we’ve had longer rides but I can’t think of one! I was very antsy and had to really go to the bathroom because I didn’t go before we left.

But first we stopped at Karen’s. She was in a very patient relaxed mood which was nice. I told her about my hard morning itching and anxious over any little mark. And how I thought I saw a bug but it was a piece of toenail LOL!

She said this was a totally normal reaction to this trauma and she went and called one of the really good nursing assistants on our floor who has dealt with this in her own home extensively. Karen promised that we’d continue to keep an eye on our areas and check the beds. I told her Friedman used to do this weekly, or twice a month probably don’t anymore because everything’s cut. But she agreed it would ease everyone’s minds.

Of course she did check and we’re bug free!

So that was that taken care of. While we were there talked to Karen about my stomach issues how bad the food is here, the snacks how weak I get ETC. At one point she said should we be checking your blood sugar? I’m like no that’s ok!

She said that the dietician that does come in once a week would be a better person to talk to. She also thought that nursing should have a bigger role in dietary stuff nutrition and a hand if able in what food we get. But that change will probably take forever!

I’m happy to talk to the dietician but I’m skeptical of how much she can be helpful. I’m also eager to switch doctors so I can have a better conversation with one about this and not be totally annoyed.

Other than that it was an awesome day!


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