exhausted today

Am just very exhausted today!

Had a really hard time sleeping last night. Was very restless going from book to book on my player eventually listened to some of a book I’d recently finished and finally went to sleep. Had long morning nap and slept really well but was still tired in the afternoon. Somehow decided to keep myself up and did stuff like e-mailing different people was on FB ETC.

Was thinking about the same stuff last night as ever how to best save money, going to Peoria versus back to MA, what if I decided to live with my parents and just pay rent from my SSI? Services that were around to help ETC

So yeah my head’s a mess I’m sure Mr. J will put everything into perspective.

Also got bad news about a friend’s situation, a close friend and that was very hard to deal with.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. A new cathy glass book is coming out so actually it will!


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