Quiet day no Mr. J that rhymes!


So today was pretty quiet.

I really felt good sending my e-mail to Mr. J last night. Outlining everything I’ve been thinking about around moving pros and cons and everything. Was really hoping to dive in and start talking today. Unfortunately court ran late. He goes to court on behalf/ with residents and apparently does a good job. Knows the system judges process etc. I can imagine he’d be a killer advocate for anyone dealing with criminal issues brought on by their illness.

As much as I wanted to meet with him I one hundred percent am ok with him needing to do this stuff. Any therapy we do is a huge privilege that he doesn’t give others, though I’m sure he does other things that he can with everyone here. So I’ve gotten to the point where I’m not upset when this happens. Maybe I’m just doing better too.

It was disappointing.

I talked to my mom a little. She’s ok. There was a big financial issue post office mishap a few days ago that got resolved.

I talked generally about hating the money issues around here the food and no solution for that, and just missing the family. Missing the grandparents that are quite elderly, the pets, which the dog is having a lot of health issues and just knowing I’m missing out on the good parts of my family every year that goes by.

I’m sad about that. And that she doesn’t get my illness. She said she doesn’t understand how I graduated with honors with a mental illness. I said it doesn’t affect your intelligence! Well mine doesn’t anyway. It does affect motivation which she pointed out and I said honestly that I struggled very much with that my last year of college. The disability coordinator pulled me through even saying if she’d just met me she’d question my accidemic abilities and being able to handle school. But she knew the ups and downs I had been having.

Anyway so yeah hard to hear things like that from her.

Anyway other than all that have been just doing e-mail and listening to audio books on the computer. And searching for long term care resources in MA. Not finding much.

Am thinking a possible route to go is to get information from IL advocates on the success/ need for these places to exist and then showing MA advocates. Hoping to try to put the idea of replicating/ expanding services they do have in MA to include an SMHRF type facilities, in addition to group homes and adult foster care. So we’ll see.

That’s it for now. Will be doing some reading tonight of Cathy glass new book even though I’m also reading another book as well.


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