Seeking stats/ data collection savvy individuals to begin adults with disabilities assisted living project

Hi everyone,

I’m seeking anyone passionate about those with disabilities receiving quality services. Particularly in the area of living arrangement/ situation.

I’ve spoken before about the huge problem of lack of such services for those under 65 with various disabilities. Clearly there is a need, as I and many know on an emotional and personal level. People are being forced to make difficult choices around what services they are, which often don’t begin to meet a person’s daily needs. An assisted living community, as shown to be the case for those over sixty five, is incredibly useful as all services are coordinated and under one roof.

The few communities that are out there, (I know about IL supportive living, as well as IL specialized mental health rehabilitation facilities) are quite successful. This proves a need for such services, as people in need will travel across the country to access these services.

To be taken seriously by any organizations and associations the issues need to be written out in languages that is professional, with realistic possible solutions. First and most important is a description of the problem with data to back things up.

I imagine that if a survey were taken the numbers would show the need for such services as we know on an intuitive level to be the case. I don’t know how to design such a survey and present it to the right sources in order to get the best possible data.

If a group of other consumers would be interested in being part of this project it would give weight to the seriousness of the problem. This is another beginning step finding people who are commited to seeing action taken.

I’d love suggestions on where to try and connect with such people besides of course blog readers.

Most importantly, we need someone to advise and support the creation of a survey and the data collection process.

If people have ideas about where to find such people I would appreciate it.

The most important thing is approaching whoever we find as a group. Me writing someone and asking to help with a survey won’t make as much of an impact as it would with a whole group behind it.

I believe if we do this in a step by step manner we will at least get people’s attention around the seriousness of the problem.


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