very long day no Jonathan wrote a lot of places

So today no Jonathan. Was disappointed. But we had one code green (in the afternoon) and one just now, which is medical, and two code yellows. So yeah staff was extremely busy!

But so was I. I was online all afternoon. Well all day basically. Wrote several organizations with residential options in PA.

Clayton House that I’ve had a connection with since 2013 is happy to give us a tour. I said no way back when because of no wifi. They still don’t have wifi in any part of the building besides activity room and they have a computer lab. I don’t know what I’d do without internet in my actual room! Rockhill is the same. Jess says it will get me up doing things LOL.

They have all single room, the only SMHRF that does. They have lots of expressive arts stuff including a real music therapist! They’re also really into peer support which I didn’t think IL did very much of. And Jessica has always liked me.

So it’s worth a look. Margaret Manor North, where we went way back a year ago is still on our list of places that are possible. She mentioned a couple others. She said she’d send a list of SMHRFS if she can find one because they update ya know especially with the new regulations and stuff.

Anyway so that was good to know.

Really the best options are:

Supportive living (the spacious apartment and getting $90!)

Then a smaller less crowded SMHRF

Then probably Rockhill where you get $50

Then another place out of state. Well actually that would be second. If we could do the supportive living and then save to move or visit places in another state. That would be the order.

So yeah! I’m happy with the work I did today.

Didn’t see Anna either. We both decided to just push it to next week. There was that second code yellow as she was coming by so yeah. Really would rather talk to Jonathan than her. I think we’re wearing her out sadly.


Another long day: going to Jess’s therapy extremely agitated new stuffie and no dentist tomorrow

So today was hard again.

It was a really really good thing that Jess didn’t go to therapy the usual way on the bus cause it was pouring out.

But OMG was it an anxious time. The ride called us early to go down to the lobby which is always nice and crowded with people doing ten million things at full volume. I swear no one, not even some staff, got the “inside voices” lesson in preschool!

But I did see Mr. J. Walking back and forth a few times. I decided to see him tomorrow at twelve. He said he’d “pull my mental teeth” and then the dentist could pull my actual teeth. Jess said that sounded about right LOL!

So anyway finally after calling them a couple times the ride came. Had to go out there with my hood all half falling off and like a million people in the one little over hang by the door. I was like really anxious. This nursing office staff guy ttried to like calm me down but it was like OMG no!

So we go there. It was nice to be in a separate building. But I couldn’t even relax not even going by the electronic piano that plays itself. Everything was just on my nerves. Oh forgot to say did not take an ativan before leaving probably would be a different story if I had.

By this point I didn’t even want to say hi to Sandra. I thought about just signing “nice to meet you” instead of saying it. Since eventually that will be one use for sign when I’m so overwhelmed and zoned out I don’t want to talk. But by the time she came by I did manage to say hi.

It was a nice quiet area. The only person talking really was the receptionist with a weird accent transferring people on the phone. A couple came in thinking this was the surgery department! They had a long walk ahead!

Oh to top it off right before Jess went into therapy my headphones broke. I only got them in December and they’re really expensive. That made me worse. But I did manage to listen to my player and then did some ipod reading.

Jess thank goodness had a good session in spite of having a very anxious child on her hands.

We went down to the gift shop. Another huge anxiety. There were two very soft lovable take me home stuffies. One was an elephant and one was a monkey. I couldn’t choose. I have trouble making decisions sometimes. The issue is anything at a gift shop is like three times as much as it should be. Except there is this woman that gives cookies and candy for free. Well I think they’re supposed to cost something but like I said yesterday she has a thing for giving me treats.

Anyway it would have been fine if I hadn’t overheard the price. We got into this whole argument about money and what did we really need to spend it on and everything. So we eventually returned the monkey. Of course as soon as it left I wanted it back.

But if she bought both she wouldn’t have money to buy other presents, which she considers both presents. I said I wanted doll stuff including maybe a reborn doll if we can find one for less than $100. So anyway that was not a fun discussion but we got through it. Guess who cried? It’s not even my period or anything!

Then at least ride home was ok. We decided after this craziness today, and finding out that it’s gonna be this bad for the next few days to skip out on the dentist. It’s just been too weird. But we’re keeping Mr. J’s appointment the same. Don’t want to confuse the man. I guess he hadn’t even saw my e-mails I’ve been sending. All the other stuff he’s dealing with.

Anyway we got pizza and I got in my PJS and had a bath. And my new family member Sandra, named after Jess’s therapist, is very happy with the rest of the babies/ children/ tiger that runs things named Jonathan!


this week has just been weird

So this week has just been totally weird. First the whole issue of us thinking Jess lost all her pictures. Then I couldn’t see Jonathan yesterday.

Today Jess was feeling under the weather. She got some antibiotics and will be better soon. But no way was she gonna take the bus to therapy. She rescheduled for tomorrow. For some reason I was kinda anxious about being here by myself during the time of day she’d be gone. It would be lunchtime and meals are hard even with her there. Plus tomorrow we’re having deep cleaning where they rearrange the whole room to clean around the furniture and I can’t deal with the room all unorganized like that. Jess puts it back together and it’s even hard on her. To have everything all over the place.

Anyway so we decided to have me come with her and use paratransit. It would be a more relaxed time for her she won’t have to worry about taking the bus and everything and I can get out of the building. Even though I’m getting out Friday for the dentist.

As soon as we made that plan I felt a whole lot less anxious which I was happy about.

Really missed Jonathan this week. Not feeling it with Anna as I think I’ve written she’s been so off lately throwing that stupid ball around the room and saying “ok” to everything like she’s not even paying attention.

But anyway it’s been just all over the place. Then the site I volunteer on has been acting up at least for me like slowing down my screen reader, and the whole computer it feels like. So don’t know what’s up with all that.

In other news I finally got the package from my mom! Some stuff we’ve been waiting for since Christmas like she gave Jess a new Matriss pad. And I’d wanted the charm bracelet I wore in high school. And of course the toothbrush and mouthwash. It felt so weird using an electric toothbrush I think it’s been over six months since I’ve done that. Still having huge problems remembering to brush my teeth in the morning or early afternoon. But my gums have to be at least somewhat better than they were two weeks ago.

We made a quick video of us opening the package. Every time I get a package we make a video. I’ll put that in a separate post.

So yomorrow will be interesting. We’re getting picked up at eleven even though the place is five minutes down the street. Just to be sure. We can maybe go to the gift shop and look at the really expensive toys. There was a lady who was totally into the OMG blind girl thing but that’s ok because I got free baked goods. Maybe she’ll be there again LOL!

So will be an interesting day. Good to get out. Read and stuff in a nice quiet area. Then I’ll see Anna tomorrow night. See if she’s more in tune and how many times she can’t catch that ball she throws in the air!

Supportive living research/ the deffinition of severe and persistent mental illness by state

Hi again,

So yesterday and today have been doing some hard core research on the supportive living model. In order to know as much as possible about it. The next step hopefully will be talking with an actual e e expert, board of director or director of a place. Not sure how receptive friedman staff would be to that. What I want is more general information on the history, how hard it was to get going if there are things that needed to foundationally be in place to make it work before the actual program got going. I.E existing policies or something ETC

Questions directed to my own personal things around getting in to SLFS Jonathan will be working on that level of things.

Anyway I was very happy yesterday to have finally hit the jackpot on the rules and regulations available for all to see online.

Here is the link

It’s very well documented with all you need to read and easy to understand.

Feel free to take a look at it and give thoughts especially if at all interested in this process. The process of learning more about this unique program and how to replicate it in other states.

So as you can see the most important thing for Jess and I right now is the requirements.

1) Be age 22 years or over with a disability (as determined by the Social Security Administration) or elderly (age 65 years or over); and

2) Be screened by the Department or other State agency screening entity and found to be in need of nursing facility level of care and that SLF placement is appropriate to meet the needs of the individual. A new screen is not needed for a resident who is transferring between SLFs or comes from a nursing facility with no break in service. It is the admitting SLF’s responsibility to ensure that a screening document is received from the transferring SLF or nursing facility. Private pay individuals may choose to be admitted into the SLF when the screening assessment does not justify nursing facility level of care; and

3) Be without a primary or secondary diagnosis of developmental disability or serious and persistent mental illness. The developmental disability or mental illness must be determined by a qualified Department of Human Services screening agent; and

4) Have name checked against the United States Department of Justice Dru Sjodin National Offender Public Website at, the Illinois Sex Offender Registration website at and the Illinois Department of Corrections registered sex offender database at Refer to Section 146.215 for facility requirements if a person whose name appears on either registry is admitted to an SLF.

The biggest issue for us is the serious and persistent mental illness definition. Obveously we met criteria for this in 2013 when we moved to Albany which treats severe and persistent mental illness.

This term covers a lot and on it’s own seems confusing.

I did do some research and found that it’s different for each state.

Here is a good definition but it’s for NY

And my thoughts written for friends

Though no standardized criteria exists for SPMI, experts agree that determining whether one falls in the category involves the assessment of diagnostic severity, disability, and duration of the problem. Disorders that severely and persistently interfere wtih functioning are schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, other severe forms of depression, panic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Definitions of SPMI vary by state.

So here’s what new York has to say


Serious and Persistent Mental Illness

In order to be considered an adult with a serious and persistent mental illness, "1" below must be met, in addition to either "2", "3", or "4":

1. Designated Mental Illness

The individual is 18 years of age or older and currently meets the criteria for a DSM-IV psychiatric diagnosis other than alcohol or drug disorders, organic brain syndromes, developmental disabilities or social conditions. ICD-CM psychiatric categories and codes that do not have an equivalent in DSM-IV are also included mental illness diagnoses. (this must be before like two years ago because we’re on DSMV now. And I know that in IL they exclude personality disorders so in IL maybe only axis I?)


2. SSI or SSDI due to Mental Illness

The individual is currently enrolled in SSI/SSDI due to a designated mental illness. (Gateway did ask about this. Neither Kinzy or I are getting SSI for mental illness. I get it for blindness and she gets it for her physical health issues. So is this SSI thing part of number one? So both on number one have to be met? In that case we wouldn’t meet the criteria.)


3. Extended Impairment in Functioning due to Mental Illness

a. Documentation that the individual has experienced two of the following four functional limitations due to a designated mental illness over the past 12 months on a continuous or intermittent basis:

1. Marked difficulties in self care (personal hygiene, diet, clothing avoiding injuries, securing health care or complying with medical advice).

2. Marked restriction of activities of daily living (maintaining a residence, using transportation, day to day money management, accessing community services).

3. Marked difficulties in maintaining social functioning (establishing and maintaining social relationships, interpersonal interactions with primary partner, children or other family members, friends, neighbors, social skills, compliance with social norms, appropriate use of leisure time).

4. Frequent deficiencies of concentration, persistence or pace resulting in failure to complete tasks in a timely manner (ability to complete tasks commonly found in work settings or in structured activities that take place in home or school settings, individuals may exhibit limitations in these areas when they repeatedly are unable to complete simple tasks within an established time period, make frequent errors in tasks, or require assistance in the completion of tasks). (Well we’d have all those problems if not living at Albany. Which brings us to)


4. Reliance on Psychiatric Treatment, Rehabilitation and Supports

A documented history shows that the individual at some prior time met the threshold for 3 (above), but the symptoms and/or functioning problems are currently attenuated by medication or psychiatric rehabilitation and supports. Medication refers to psychotropic medications which may control certain primary manifestations of mental disorder; e.g. hallucinations, but may or may not affect functional limitations imposed by the mental disorder. Psychiatric rehabilitation and supports refer to highly structured and supportive settings (e.g. Congregate or Apartment Treatment Programs) which may greatly reduce the demands placed on the individual and thereby, minimize overt symptoms and signs of the underlying mental disorder. (So we deffinetely meet the number four criteria! So I’m totally confused. If you take out the SSI thing we don’t meet criteria. But if one is just the diagnosis and we meet four then we meet the criteria.)

In this case as I want to go to an SLF this is criteria I actually *don’t want to meet. However if I end up staying in an MH residential, which deffinetely has it’s pros, I do want to meet this criteria and from this it sounds like I do.

I think the bottom line is what these people directors nursing, intake ETC say about honestly what they can handle in the facility. Yes they say get your mental health services elsewhere. But how do they coordinate that with what care they provide? What can we disclose to them and be respectfully treated of our mental illness?

Personally I feel so uncomfortable saying my MI is not my primary diagnosis, or the thing above even said not secondary diagnosis which it deffinetely would be at least secondary.

So am confused need to find the definition specific to IL.

And the real verdict will be talking with these people with my and Jess’s individual cases and them giving hopefully honest and realistic answers.

So yeah it’s a huge amount to think about and I’m sure when Jonathan gets their perspective it will make so much more sense.

But I’m so happy to have found this official stuff that even describes things like how they reimburse Medicaid, taking sixty percent of the weighted average of nursing home care. Would love to know how they developed that system.

So yeah happy with my research. If anyone has thoughts on the severe and persistent mental illness stuff particularly for IL would love to hear.

Would have had my Mr. J meeting but he had to help with yet another bed bug crisis on another floor! And our backup time of Friday won’t work due to dentist which I don’t want to reschedule.

So we’ll see when we can meet next.

feeling better update on the missing things

Hi everyone,

So to update am feeling a bit better about the picture stuff and other missing stuff.

The head of housekeeping came in our room at eight and explained everything. Since they have only a certain amount of space that’s already stuffed full of people’s stuff, they can’t have huge boxes like what Jess’s pictures are in.

So they took all that out of the box and put it in smaller boxes. That was a relief so we weren’t obsessing over the box thing.

Jess looked at what we did have and says she thinks it’s all there. She can’t be sure because she didn’t count everything she didn’t think she’d need to but just wanted the stuff up here for safe keeping.

Housekeeping guy even went down to look for my missing things, toothbrush socks, ETC but we still can’t find it. That can be replaced which is good.

It was good to see his commitment to helping. He’s a Jonathan type person.

One thing we may also be missing is my Braille label maker. Probably similar to the print label maker you put tape in and push this handle and it goes ching kaching LOL!

But hopefully we can find that or buy it again it’s kinda expensive but good for putting labels on pictures I have up, cute signs and under photos so I know what’s on the walls.

It just makes me feel better that he cares this Efram guy. Other really good staff include Robert head of Maintiance, Stephanie (not good PRC but good at getting stuff done) and umm can’t think of many others Oh Nisha the CNAon our floor. But I was thinking of main staff. Karen, Brian and Yosiph in nursing are good. Monica I guess is good. Very clinical but yeah. Karrie can be weird and kinda condescending but she’s also been helpful at times.

Dietary staff are also ok just wish they had better food.

So yeah it’s helpful to have good main staff. And I guess you could say Tossi is good the head boss because he’s run this place for like twenty years or something.

So we’re not in total chaos and it’s not totally horrific. I’m sure other facilities are way worse and having these main people give their all most of the time within a lot of limits is comforting.

Anyway don’t know why I went on that tangent. Just I guess to give a balanced perspective to my readers who may be new and don’t know my whole journey here. And how you do really have to take the good with the bad and there has been a lot of good. Just need to vent and complain every so often and it makes it sound like I hate the place totally.

Speaking of moving have been doing some great research this week on supportive living.

Will put this in my next post.

hard day: we think Albany lost some stuff second time they’ve done this


So today has been hard. I think I’ve said that though we did get almost everything up here from the bed bug stuff there were some things still missing.

It took forever to get people coordinated to go down there. But finally today Jess and housekeeping staff and her caseworker went down there. The biggest thing is this huge box of photo albums. That she got from where her stuff from home was a couple hours away. So that it wouldn’t get thrown out at home. She kept this box upstairs in our closet so that nothing would happen to it.

They also lost a few doll things an unopened electric toothbrush and some stress balls of mine.

Well they went down there and couldn’t find it. Took the housekeeping person forever to understand she meant photo albums and not books you read LOL

But in the meantime they did find a few things in the area that’s supposed to be hers from other residents that have long since left the facility.

I know it’s really really hard with over three hundred people and having to keep moving rooms, and putting stuff downstairs (this bed bug thing is still a huge ongoing problem) to keep everything straight. But this is our stuff. They go in and just take everything like a tornado and pack it up and bring it down there. We have no say in how things are packed and where they’re put. What’s weird is we have gotten back stuff that had been on that same shelf as the box. So apparently stuff is just put anywhere I don’t know.

So anyway I wrote/ called Jonathan and told him how mad I am. Because this is nuts. This is the second time that I’ve lost stuff here. The first was in 2014 when I was in the hospital because I was in the open observation room they said they “had to” put my stuff downstairs so no one would steal anything. Well though stealing happens I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have taken everything that did eventually get lost! Again whoever just packs stuff and then it is supposed to be taken downstairs and put in a certain area. They pack stuff in plastic bags mostly so in that case it was obviously seen as trash, though it was clear how stupid that really is I mean they could look in the clear bag and see what’s in it is not trash, and thrown out.

Anyway all that was bedding my wallet had to replace all my cards backpack everything. It cost $200.

But this is different they can’t replace these pictures. It would be like if all my digital recorder files were gone and I could never hear all those people’s voices again. So sad. She really has no family just those pictures to remember people by.

And it makes me furious yes I know there’s over three hundred people but they just can’t be doing this. She purposely got those albums and other stuff from a place where she thought they could get thrown out or something.

She thought they’d be safe here.

I’m really really hoping that it’s somewhere down there. I mean a huge box like that? But you just never know. Very upset. Wish we lived someplace where our stuff was more respected as in people didn’t just pack it away and move it without our knowing where and how.

Good sunday skype call with robbie and just relaxed


So had a good Sunday. Just relaxed. Skyped with Robbie. We talked about everything under the sun. And just had a good conversation.

We think we have the issue fixed with my victor player and figured out a way to deal with the problem in the short term. I have to do software updates but probably won’t til tomorrow.

Anyway it was so nice to talk.

Other than that not a lot going on. Facebook stuff. Did some online volunteering. One worry is the bed bugs are really bad in the building. Talked about that when I wrote about my last therapy session. They’re doing everything they can but more and more rooms have it. I don’t know what I’ll do if I have to go through all that change and stuff again with cleaning and everything. Still haven’t found the few missing things from last time. Any little itch or spot I find on myself I freak out on. I wonder when Jess will give me a hard shove out the door!

Anyway plans for this week. Friday is the moment of truth on how well Jess and I are doing with my teeth. My gums aren’t swollen anymore that I know of. I wonder what she’ll do about that little chip and if I do have any other cavities. A huge worry about if we did move would be losing Dr. Anderson. It’s so hard to find dentists under Medicaid otherwise. Other than that not a lot going on. Hopefully will have therapy on Tuesday and he’ll have been in touch with some places. Though I can’t blame him if he can’t because of the bug issues.

Other than that nothing really. We’re going to get our haircuts soon maybe sometime this week.

So that’s the week as I know it.

relaxing day finally talked to mom and good food

Today was relaxing. The best part was finally hearing from my mom. She’d been down so long with upset stomach to the point they were putting off her back surgery because they didn’t know what was going on. And she puts off going to the Dr.s so bad. I knew she was going to a specialist yesterday but hadn’t heard anything and called every day and hadn’t heard anything.

Talked my dad’s ear off on Thursday but he didn’t know anything except she was in a lot of pain.

lot of pain.

So she finally answered the phone this morning. She said she had actually gone to the emergency room on Monday night. They did CT scan and said her stomach was so normal it was boring LOL!

Her bloodwork was fine which was good. She was happy but not because she didn’t know what it was. Her primary doctor said that she has a sinus infection and it went to her stomach. So hopefully that’s it and it will clear up. And then she can have her back surgery, the exact thing as her neck surgery and then be all done!

So I was just beyond relieved. Because my mind goes to the worst I thought she had cancer or something because it had gone on so long.

So I took a nice long nap after that. Because ya know I’ve been up at night worrying about it.

Woke up and Jess had gone out in the pouring rain and got a bunch of food! We had subway and she also got doughnuts.

And then later we ordered out chicken nuggets but they forgot the barbecue sauce. Which was bad. But I was soo happy with all the food and it was a very relaxing day.

Life so restricted for deaf friend at state hospital

So talked to deaf friend again this week. Somehow she had thought Jess and I would visit last week. I feel so bad for her there are only two days a week for visiting Tuesday night and Sunday afternoon each for just a couple hours. She can only call once a week on Wednesdays. I don’t know if this is because that’s when the interpreter can work with her or something else. It is a mixed deaf and hearing unit.

Anyway she was so happy last week but this week is very bored. I don’t blame her. I’d be hopeless in that place. No computer access either.

So of course found out that the interpreter wouldn’t be there for visiting time which isn’t right to me.

So Jess and I would have to do with writing and Jess doing her own type of interpreting which is slow and painful especially as we’ve gotten used to talking on the phone with a trained person.

But anyway the worst thing for me is hearing how little she can do there. I mean access to the outside world and stuff. She’s bored on a good day and lives for walking outside. She’s also on a water restricting med that she doesn’t like.

She said “sad” before she said bye and just wish I could have given her a big hug.

I really wanted to get to the point with her where we could have started tactile signing I’m just sorry we never got there.

Has anyone had experiences with state hospitals? Is this normal is there a way to advocate for the interpreter being there during visiting time?

Today good session with Mr. J and more audio book work

So today was good.

Had to wait a half an hour after time to see Mr. J but got to see him. He’s going crazy. The bed bugs are “kicking his ass” as he says LOL.

Not on our floor thank goodness. On a floor that has a history of issues. They aren’t sure if they’re in the walls. It’s one hundred percent not for lack of trying that this is still happening! They’re doing everything possible including getting a bed bug detecting dog! Like a drug detection dog. I had no idea they had such a thing. Would be so weird to see a dog around here!

So Mr. J had to like actually go to the laundrymatt and do laundry to get the bed bugs out. He wants to test this home made bedbug trap in our room, why our room I don’t know because we’re bug free. He should put it in the dayroom on the floor in question then he’d get a ton. But anyway you put sugar water and yeast in a water bottle and cut the top off. The bugs are attracted to it and then go in and can’t come out again. The yeast and whatever creates whatever it is they’re attracted to on humans. So yeah.

It’s just sad that they’re literally doing everything possible and it’s still such an issue. It’s super hard to get over three hundred people, I’d say at least a third if not more (I don’t want to say half but that might be more accurate) of which have the emotional age of children, to follow directions. Like not get stuff from church donations or thrift stores. They’re gonna bring a steamer box for stuff but who knows how that will go. People not being clean is a huge issue too.

It just makes me shudder to think about the places where people aren’t trying very hard to get rid of the problem.

Because he’s been so busy he hasn’t been able to play continouis phone tag with Gateway and Edens. So no answers at all. And I was waiting two weeks.

He said and I agree that he’s in no rush for me to leave, and I’m not either. The place has to be like here or better, or we have to have a plan that’s as high quality as here p or better.

I decided in the meantime to just show him some of the different places in other states we were looking into. I showed him Rockhill Manor in MO and he liked it. He’s been to that area and says they’re less stressed out than Chicago LOL and that it’s a solid area. I showed him the place in PA but haven’t contacted them yet. I know some of their programs take Medicaid and their personal care homes hold like sixty.

I’m telling ya if every state had these places it wouldn’t be so damn hard!

I’m also gonna give him the huge project of calling DMH in MA and asking about how we could apply from out of state if that’s an option and what they could offer. That will likely be the deciding factor in the whole MA thing. OMG I wish I had some relatives or someone we could live with til we got settled in. Like all grandparents are elderly. Parents don’t believe I need meds. That’s it.

But anyway so we talked about that. Oh we’re still missing my brand new electric toothbrush, which I got at Christmas and should have opened but never did. A few doll things some new socks still in a package and other stuff from when we had our stuff moved. Mr. J forgot about it the minute we were done with our conversation so he wrote it down again.

I asked about going to see my deaf friend at the state hospital. I was very worried that it would be ghetto and like unsafe. But he said no. That the place looks ghetto because they like can’t keep up with the grounds but on the inside it’s really secure. Like everything is locked so there’s basically no way we’d see any other patients besides the one we want to see. He says that it’s kinda like a prison the locked aspect. And they take the worst of the worst cases, or and sadly worst could just mean no other place available like with our friend. He said they get nice rooms and stuff. That gives me a little more confidence.

Certainly need to wait to get more money. Like especially be sure this dental stuff is straightened out. Take Jess to school if needed and then we’ll see. The visiting hours are so limited I’m worried about the ride being early or late and then we’d be like stuck outside. Then we also need an interpreter.

So yeah. He was actually really happy she’s there. And from talking to her I am too. I have seen the change in her with whatever mood stabilizer and he said they’re probably really monitoring her water. I asked if there was some kinda med that would control thirst like do whatever is missing in her brain. He said he didn’t know.

So we talked about signing. He got thinking about the best ways to teach me. He was talking about how since I know my letters to say what letters to do and then have words like “move towards you” “away from you” ETC so it’s the same words every time.

He’s so funny though. As an example and I even forget the word he’s like “make two ls”

Which I did. Well I’m holding my hands up and he’s talking and talking and talking and I’m like umm my hands are getting tired in this position LOL

So that was funny.

It ended up being a relaxed session because we didn’t have the information I thought we would and things have been really good this week.

I asked for therapy homework or some job to do. We’re minus a PRC and I asked of course if he needed help looking! He was like no it’s ok I have some people coming in I’m good for now. I was very sad of course! He knows that’s my favorite job.

He wants me to find good sites that explain things like schizophrenia bipolar disorder ETC in a down to earth way. He said case managers often need down to earth explanations of stuff. I also suggested that a lot of people write really good and insightful blogs on their experiences. You can’t get more down to earth than that LOL

So yeah. I enjoyded my time as always.

Other than that have done some good audio book contacts. Contacted I think three people. Heard back from one author saying she would follow up as soon as possible and I do believe her.

So we’ll see. The more people who send e-mails or facebook message people the easier it will be to get them to realize the importance of these books in audio. No one person can keep a project like that going alone.

So anyway Am just winding down. Need to do my teeth soon, clean those gums. Mr. J did say he’ll get me mouthwash when he goes shopping which is awesome!