good care plan


So today care plan was good. Anna was not feeling well and had taken some days off this week. One thing Anna does is shows exactly how she feels/ is really doing. Which can be really good but also hard to see if she’s not doing well. But I wouldn’t like it if she tried to hide it either. I like this aspect it reminds me of Edith.

But anyway we went. For these meetings they have the nurse of the day, nursing assistant, activity staff and dietary.

They had banna bread and grapes. Turns out I learned they often have food at care plans! I was like OMG I missed the food!

Anna though she wasn’t feeling well was good with leading the meeting and making sure everyone had something to say.

Dietary was ok. They said I don’t often eat what I get. I explained about the food and it upsetting my stomach. I asked about supplements like insure or carnation instant breakfast. They said it’s way too expensive! With over three hundred people to feed that just couldn’t happen. Yet they consider chocolate milk and ice cream “supliments” Tell that to any nutritionist and they’d probably have a heart attack.

They did agree that if we told them ahead of time before a meal I wouldn’t eat they could prepare a salad. Which is a start. Though I don’t want to get my stomach overloaded in salads.

They said my weight is good 136 I’m down two pounds since last month. Apparently my target weight is 142! Ugh such a big number. I had serious body image anxiety feeling the changes in my body as I gained weight. I have such issues with not eating that you would think I would be losing a lot of weight. But I guess it’s the snacks I buy that do it.

The nurse who is very old school when asked if she wanted to set a goal for next care plan. She sighed and said” Sam aint gonna do anything Sam doesn’t want to do. There’s no changing Sam.” LOL.

Anna said we’re trying little by little.

Activity person talked about wanting me to go to more socials. Especially the monthly birthday party where they serve cake and ice cream. I said I would try. Anna suggested I use my cane more which I agreed to.

So really a good plan. I’m glad they take the 15 minutes with each resident three times a year to get to know what’s changed and all be on the same page. Anna lead the meeting so well it was good to see.

For a moment I wanted to tell the group about my thoughts about wanting to live somewhere else just to shock them. But decided against it. I’m struggling with this stuff in my head and with Jonathan hopefully soon. Anna doesn’t know yet.

Anyway so nothing bad to say there.

This afternoon I rested and listened to the cathy glass book. Jess went out and I just tried to relax. I’m getting exhausted from all my research and thoughts about wanting to get out of IL. Jess said to take a break.

Got a few calls from my family my grammy wanting to say goodnight. Then Dad called and we talked awhile.

So it’s been a good day.


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