researching very limited mental health services in Peoria am thinking of letting this go

Hi everyone,

So after the talk with Krista I did go online most of the afternoon and tried to look up mental health services in Peoria. Sadly there isn’t much at all. Two behavioral health centers based out of medical centers. I can’t imagine the waiting lists. I also know that with community mental health like that long term therapy isn’t often possible and it’s very goal directed CBT stuff which doesn’t work for me. It would really scare me anyway, to have to find a new therapist as Jonathan was the first ever therapist I found in IL that worked out. But especially if services are so limited it’s even more of a risk.

There’s another supportive living facility called Edens that’s in Chicago and so would have some better services. But a few people I know have toured the place and staff are kind of unfriendly. Plus you have to pay for your own internet like a regular cost! With gateway you pay $10 a month which is cool. Gateway just seemed so much more friendly with everything.

But I know that we must have very solid outside services because we can’t rely on them possibly to even have a simple conversation about how we’re doing with staff there. I just really wish mental illness could somehow be a part of programming and services even with one social worker or something! I still will never understand how SLFS can so exclude psychiatric diagnosis when they go hand in hand with other disabilities. And not just because the person has a particular disability. The simple truth is a high population has psych issues. Why should the population of people coming in be any different and then with added disabilities. I don’t know if there’s a stigma even in the professional community to address this at all or what. We’re not asking them to be psych facilities but to have understanding about various conditions, have a psychiatrist on staff and a social worker who gets it I feel isn’t too much to ask and I doubt would be any violation of licensing.

But hey apparently places having interpreters is a stretch. It’s like these services have their own box for what disability you fit, and you have to sacrifice whatever disability doesn’t fit them in order to live there. But you can’t separate those two things.

But anyway. This whole thing isn’t necessary. I don’t need to move. I have a perfectly good life here. I have a safe place, food, meds, clean house, secur building staff that get it.

Doing any moving would be a huge change but never mind with the limited services in that town.

So I think I’m just gonna let this all go to the back of my mind probably where it belongs. Because I’m not in a crisis situation like I was at the end of college not sure where I could live that would provide good quality of life for me.

It’s sad but a relief to try to move on.


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